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7 Healthy Chicken Dinners That Actually Aren’t Boring

Chicken is a popular American choice for lean protein, since it’s affordable, easy to cook, and has a neutral flavor. That doesn’t mean, however, that healthy chicken dinners have to be bland and boring.

Those boneless, skinless breasts are actually a great canvas for creation, and depending on what you cook them with, they can be sweet, savory, spicy, or tangy.

Step out of your comfort zone (or coop?) and try these recipes, next.

7 Healthy Chicken Dinners

Sage- and Seed-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Buh bye, breadcrumbs. Who needs ’em when you can get the same crispy texture from super healthy sesame and sunflower seeds?  Serve them with kale chips, and it’s a full, nutrient-packed meal. (FYI: This one is definitely kid-approved.)

healthy chicken dinners

Spinach, Bok Choy, and Chicken Stir-Fry

Bok choy is an under-the-radar Asian green that’s packed with vitamins A, C, and K, and here it’s combined with chicken and a ton of other nutrient-dense veggies—like peppers, scallions, spinach, and garlic. Not to mention how the sweetness of peanut butter complements salty tamari.

Greek Yogurt Marinated Chicken

The standard grilled chicken breast gets a simple, fast upgrade thanks to a tasty, tangy marinade that also provides antioxidants.

healthy chicken dinnersStuffed Chicken Breast with Lemon-Artichoke Pesto

Ham and cheese are not the only things you can stuff in a chicken breast. Instead, this recipe uses anti-inflammatory artichokes, walnuts, and antioxidant-rich garlic.

Balsamic Chicken

This one is simple and classic, meaning it will appeal to nearly everyone. It includes heart-healthy olive oil and the single most antioxidant-rich spice, oregano, and you can throw the finished product in all kinds of meals—over greens for a salad, for example, or on top of whole wheat pasta for dinner.


Lemon Walnut Chicken

The tangy lemon flavor pairs well with vibrant tarragon and crunchy walnuts. In addition to chicken’s lean protein, the nuts add healthy fats.

Mango Chicken

The fresh and colorful option: Bring a little island flavor into your kitchen (or, better yet, to your warm-weather barbecue) by adding nutrient-packed ingredients like mango, ginger, and cilantro to your chicken.


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