3 Tips from Weelicious to Turn Your Blog into a Business

“I wanted it to be my ‘service to the world,’” Catherine McCord says, of when she first started blogging, “but I wasn’t making any money.”

That was a long time ago; now she’s got lots of sound advice on wellness blogging.

McCord is the super successful founder of the now incredibly popular website Weelicious (you may recognize her adorable smoothie-sipping baby from her Insta stories?) and organic meal delivery service One Potato.

And at The Nutrition School’s Masterclass in Santa Monica in October, she spoke to the wellness pros in the room about the lessons she learned along the way.

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In case you missed it and are looking to turn your healthy passion into profit (which will allow you to help more people!), we’re sharing a few of the biggest takeaways from her talk with Keri, here.

3 Tips to Turn Wellness Blogging Into a Business

1. Find your strong point and stick to it.

McCord said she had one specific topic from the get-go and knew that it was important to stay focused on what she was good at, and what she specifically could offer people. “I kept it so narrow,” she said. “I didn’t try to be everything to everyone.” (i.e. You don’t have to be the treadmill guru and the turmeric expert. Pick one!)

2. Be authentic.

Who are you? If you’re not sure, you’ve got to figure it out and present it to the world in a way that’s honest and relatable. McCord said she focused on this aspect relentlessly, and Keri chimed in that it showed. “I could relate to what you were saying as a mom,” she said. “It was exactly what I was going through.”

3. Know your worth.

When you’re starting to monetize your blog, it’s important to think about all of the different ways what you do produces value, McCord said. Write it down; map it out. “Figure out your own value,” she said, so that you know what you want to charge before you go looking for profit. “Brands are out there looking for you,” she said, it’s up to you to find them and show them what you’re worth. (Trust us, it’s a lot!)

Featured Photo: Juliette Leufke via Unsplash

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