Sweat Often, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

A 30-Minute Yoga Routine to Fight Stress and Build Strength


Think you’ve got to hit the gym to build muscle and then make time for sun salutations to keep your stress levels in check? With this strength-building yoga style, you can roll out your mat for just half an hour and get it all in at once.

Superstar yogi (and graduate of The Nutrition School!) Danielle Diamond created Xen Strength Yoga to combine yoga and meditation with muscle building for major mind-body benefits. (Including the ability to carry that luxe, heavy yoga mat all over the city without breaking a sweat?)

The method involves both weights and warrior poses and is now super popular. Diamond even launched a free teacher training program for current yoga, fitness, and other wellness pros that you can participate in from home.

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Ready to try strength-building yoga at home?

She shared a 30-minute sequence you can do anytime, anywhere, below. Work it into your weekly routine for maximum benefits.

Strength-Building Yoga


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