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How An Addiction to Sugar Paved the Path to Becoming a Nutrition Coach


I have always been addicted to sugar. For as long as I can remember, I would go to great lengths to satisfy my sweet cravings.

I parked illegally and risked a ticket for a chocolate bar at 11 p.m. I had friends suddenly veer off to a rest stop on a long road trip because I had to have that bag of licorice. These cravings were always intense … so intense that I literally could not think or do anything else until I satisfied them. The cravings came every day like clockwork at 3 p.m., shortly after lunch.

It’s important to know that I was a healthy eater otherwise, but what good are kale, nuts and other superfoods when you are sabotaging all your healthy eating by poisoning your body with loads of sugar?

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Putting the Brakes on the Sugar Party

During my pregnancy with my second child, my sugar party had to come to a complete stop. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I cried buckets of tears because I didn’t think it was possible to not eat sugar for one day, let alone for the five remaining months of my pregnancy. Obviously, I didn’t have a choice. This had to be done for the health of my baby. Goodbye muffins, cookies, chocolate and candy. For five months, I dreamt about what I would eat in the delivery room post-baby. Chocolate chip cookies, for sure.

Somehow I did it. I managed through the pregnancy and, truth be told … I felt and looked better than ever! My skin was clear, my weight gain during the pregnancy was mostly the baby and this had everything to do with the elimination of sugar.

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A Sugar-Free Path Forward

This started me down the path of figuring out how to manage my sugar addiction post-pregnancy. I realized that sugar was the root of my fatigue, brain fog, and allergies. It was also probably the reason I was getting upper respiratory infections more frequently than a healthy young person should.

After going on a sugar detox, on and off and on and off again, I realized that the “on” felt so good that it slowly but surely became a way of life for me. It morphed into eating a plant-based diet, which led to a fascination about the power that food has on the body to heal and function optimally. I became so passionate that I started reading as many books as I could on nutrition and I discovered and enrolled in Nutritious Life Studio’s Become a Nutrition Coach (BNC) course, after which I was hooked.

The Road to Becoming a Nutrition Coach

Through BNC, I obtained a strong core of nutrition science that is the backbone of my practice today. But the course, which led to a certification as a nutrition coach, also gave me the opportunity to become part of a powerful community of like-minded individuals from all over the country who provide support and a constant flow of useful information in the nutrition and wellness field. We meet weekly on a platform led by renowned dietitian Keri Glassman, who is an absolute gift and keeps our community engaged.

Keri offers expert advice on topics that are challenging us with an everlasting smile on her face and a positive attitude. Our weekly sessions revolve around the latest trends in nutrition and wellness, including client case studies, the pros and cons of trending diets, and advice on how to run our coaching businesses.

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The Transformative Power of ‘Eating Clean’

The Nutritious Life Studio helped me to become more and more passionate about the subject of healthy eating and nutrition until I realized that instead of being addicted to sugar I had truly become hooked on how amazing I felt!

I stopped taking all of my allergy medications and my skin was glowing. I couldn’t help but chime in when friends would complain to me about their chronic migraines, stomach distress or sudden acne. Eat clean, I told them. I would advise them to try an elimination diet. This advice was always met with resistance initially. Each of them believed it was impossible to change their eating habits and to give up things they love and crave. My response was, “If I—a person with no willpower and an abiding love for sugar—can do it, you can do it.”

Surprisingly, some of them listened to me and began eliminating bad habits and substituting them with healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. I have helped friends, family and clients overcome sugar addictions, lose weight, and live healthier, in general. The challenge is getting people to believe in themselves. But once they do, it’s powerful!

The Rewards of Becoming a Nutrition Coach

Since discovering that I helped so many friends and family members embark down a path to treating their ailments through food and proper nutrition, my passion for eating clean and healthy has grown. Since I already had training as a holistic health practitioner, this solidified my choice to start a career as a nutrition and health coach. Today, I have a thriving coaching practice and I get great satisfaction when I help someone achieve their goals. There is nothing more rewarding than when a person says to me, “Because of you I no longer raid the fridge at night and I’ve lost X pounds” or “your guidance has been life-changing and my blood work has never been better.”

That is real evidence that puts a big smile on my face. The Nutritious Life Studio community continues to inspire me and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with them—and learn from them—on an ongoing basis.

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