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Xen Strength Yoga: 10 Minutes to Tone Your Inner Thighs


Please, forget about the thigh gap. Your thighs are going to touch or not touch based on your build, and unrealistic body expectations do nothing to make us stronger women. That doesn’t mean, however, there’s no reason to get in a good inner thigh workout.

Strengthening your thighs is still important, especially if you’re looking for a little “lower-body confidence,” says Danielle Diamond.

Diamond is a superstar Nutritious Life Certified yoga instructor, and she created Xen Strength Yoga, a method that combines yoga and meditation with muscle-building. Using both weights and warrior poses, the practice comes with major mind-body benefits. Now, she’s sharing 10-minute sequences you can do at home, here, in a series of videos that illustrate yoga’s many functions.

She’s already showed us how to stretch out our hamstrings,  strengthen our glutes, and work our abs with sun salutations instead of sit-ups.

Now, in this video, she demonstrates how to strengthen and tone your inner thighs by activating your legs and engaging your core on the mat. Do the workout on its own or combine it with one or two of the others, above, for a more full-body experience.

Xen Strength Yoga: Inner Thigh Workout

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(Featured Photo: Xen Strength Yoga)

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