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3 Key Skills To Help You Start a Wellness Business


Just like a passionate love of Pilates doesn’t necessarily mean you’re meant for a lifetime of teaching the Teaser, there are lots of aspects of running a wellness business that have nothing to do with health.

So, if you’re planning on doing things on your own rather than working for a facility like a gym or wellness center, it helps to think about the kinds of skills you might need.

Keep in mind: these will all be most important at the beginning, when you’re going solo and have to wear several hats as an entrepreneur. Later, you can hire people (dreamy!) to do some of the tasks that aren’t necessarily your strong suit or take away from the time you should be spending working directly with clients.

Here are three key skills that will help you when starting a wellness business.

3 Important Skills for Running a Wellness Business


One of the reasons I  started The Nutritious Life Studio in the first place has to do with how unprepared wellness professionals often are when it comes to counseling techniques. After I  became a  Registered Dietitian and started working with clients, I realized that it can be hard to apply the science of nutrition learned in a classroom to people’s everyday experiences. Knowing what a person should do to change their health and being able to help them make those changes are two different things.

That’s why the Nutritious Life Studio certified course includes several lessons on counseling clients—from a checklist for your first session with a new client to getting clients to stick to meal and workout plans.


Before you even get that first client (who can’t seem to heed your instructions to make overnight oats for faster healthy breakfasts), you’ve got to get your name out there. Basic marketing skills will allow you to advertise what you have to offer without spending money you don’t quite have yet. 

Think social media, creative partnerships, and networking. Start your Instagram business account, start to connect with people on LinkedIn, think about colleagues and friends that may want to partner (or work) with you!

Finance Savvy

OK, you don’t have to be a straight-up accountant (but wow, if that was your last career, you’re going to do great!). However, as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to manage your finances efficiently and figure out how to make a profit while helping people.

 It helps to read up on successful business strategies and to get acquainted with basic financial accounting terms and strategies.  Plus, you’re going to need to budget for regular yoga classes and self-care sessions to take care of your busy self, obviously.

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