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5 Brilliant Back-to-School Survival Tips from Wellness Expert Moms


Anyone can use a few good back-to-school survival tips, whether you’re getting three kids prepped for classes or are simply feeling the pressure of the season at the office (or both).

It’s a pretty common feeling: After August’s slow, sweet, lazy unraveling (hopefully), September often feels like whiplash. Especially since everyone started referring to it as the “new January.” (Now you’ve got to make resolutions you can’t keep twice a year?!)

Don’t worry. Actually, these brilliant women can do more than help you “survive.” They’ve figured out how to build thriving wellness businesses while raising kids and staying fit, healthy, and sane. Follow their lead and you’ll be tackling the season’s challenges like they’re NBD.

Here are a few smart back-to-school survival tips from wellness expert moms we love, including our own superstar founder, Keri Glassman.

Keri Glassman
Founder, Nutritious Life

Making lunch and deciding breakfast the night before is huge for the peace of our morning. When I know what I’m making for breakfast when I wake up (and the coffee was prepped the night before too of course) and lunches are made, I can focus on the morning time together and also there’s no “I don’t want that for breakfast today” happening. I am a morning person and making each one as calm as possible is uber important to us as a fam.

Chloe Epstein
President, Chloe’s Fruit

I have to prioritize my workouts or I cannot function, so finding a great workout and sticking to it is a must. Also, it sounds counterintuitive, but I’ve found that spicing things up with the family at home at the start of a new school year helps. For example, we launched all family cook-offs two Sunday nights a month. Each family member prepares a dish for our Sunday night dinner and is responsible for cleaning up their own mess. Thus far, it’s a lot more time in the kitchen for me, but it’s been a hit as a great way to end the frenzy-filled weekend together. Prioritizing time together is always a challenge, but it helps keep everyone balanced and happy (until the first argument…).

Catherine McCord
Founder, Weelicious + One Potato

It’s all about smoothie jars! Every week we make seven jars filled with our favorite smoothie essentials like bee pollen, hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, dates, collagen powder and more. This way all you need to do every morning is add a banana, your favorite frozen fruits, a handful of greens, and the ingredients in your smoothie jar, and you’ve got an easy, fast nutritious breakfast for yourself and/or your family.

Patricia Moreno
Creator, The intenSati Method

With three girls under six and getting back to school, I find that picking clothes, preparing snacks, and packing book bags the night before is a total game-changer. I also find the best way to keep myself active and healthy is to pick activities for them that we can do together, so I’m not just sitting on the sidelines watching. For example, we just went roller skating, an activity I look forward to doing as much as they do.

Kristin McGee
Celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor

As mom of a toddler and infant twins (all boys!), I’m pretty crazed. My advice for other moms to stay healthy includes always keeping a sense of humor and letting things go as much as you possibly can. Stress is a huge downer and can wreak havoc on your health. The more we can take things in stride, the better. On top of that, I recommend staying consistent with a few things. For instance, I always eat a healthy breakfast no matter what. I am not getting as much sleep as I would like to, so I make sure to move my body during the day and get some fresh air. I also think it’s important to stay present, connect with your kids and partner as much as you can and do one thing daily for yourself, whether it’s a yoga class, glass of wine, or a few minutes with a good friend or book.

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