The 6 Wellness Apps a Tech Expert Recommends

In an overwhelming sea of health and wellness apps, which ones are really worth downloading? (Especially when we know you keep running out of storage space. Who doesn’t?!)

We asked lifestyle tech expert Carley Knobloch for her input.

Knobloch shares her expertise regularly via outlets like HGTV and The Today Show and on her website,, which is a veritable guide to how to use technology in smart, healthy ways. You know, as opposed to letting it transform your existence into an always-connected, stressed-out, tangled pile of wires.

“Here’s what I think: That technology should rise up to serve you, not bum you out,” Knobloch says on her site. “That adopting the right technology can be life changing. That you can live beautifully and elegantly with technology without spending a lot of money and time.”

Sounds like a blissful step up from your current Insta-obsessed existence, right? Follow her lead by trying out one (or all) of the six health and wellness apps she actually uses on a regular basis, below.

health and wellness appsPhoto: Carley Knobloch

The 6 Best Health and Wellness Apps

Weeknight Society

“Sometimes the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question is just too much to think about at the end of the day. Having help with planning can mean the difference between a quinoa bowl with kale and roasted salmon, and the neighborhood taco shop.”

Think Dirty

“I recently began to swap out all my skincare and cosmetics with cleaner options, thanks to this app that revealed all the sludge I was putting on my face. It’s amazing how many ‘luxury’ brands are full of so much junk! (New favorites: May Lindstrom, True Botanicals, Olio e Osso).”

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Thrive Market

“AmazonFresh and I are old friends, but it doesn’t always have all the health foods I’m craving. Thrive Market makes it easy to order them to my door.”


Just having this on my phone reminds me to slow down, breathe, and stop thinking for a minute. It’s the only app that has actually helped me develop a consistent practice.”

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“Think you’ve got your smartphone use under control? Moment will show you exactly how much time you’re spending staring into that screen. (It tracks my family’s smartphone use too— so we can all have a sobering talk about how to pull back and stare at each other more.)

Seafood Watch

Sustainable? Ocean-friendly? Which seafood is safe (or politically correct) to eat can be tough to keep up with. Seafood Watch keeps me on the cutting edge. It’s my new dinner menu companion.

Featured Photo: Carley Knobloch

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