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Breaking: It’s Finally Easy to Pack Healthy Soup for Lunch

Created in partnership with BOU.

Okay, how many times has this happened to you?

It’s really cold outside so you decide to make a big pot of hearty, delicious soup. You’re so proud of yourself because you chopped up a million vegetables to make it and this soup is going to be boiling over with nutrients and flavor. You’re usually bad at meal prep but now you’ve got this giant container of soup, so you’re excited to eat it all week long without having to cook again.

Except…you fill the “leak-proof” container you bought specifically for this purpose and by the time you get to the office you’re wondering why the smell of garlic is everywhere. And the inside of your bag (and maybe your laptop) is covered in soup.

Soup, for all of its attributes, is just not the most portable food, but a new product launched this week changes that.

BOU Soup Cups

BOU’s Soup Cups are like a much better-for-you version of Cup Noodles (which we know are strangely delicious, but are definitely not healthy).

Instead of nutrient-poor noodles and tons of salt, they’re made with reduced-sodium broth cubes, healthy grains like quinoa, red wild rice, and brown rice, and dehydrated or freeze-dried vegetables.

The cute packaging (it looks like a coffee cup!) is microwavable and recyclable and the flavors range from classic to modern. They include:

BOU Soup Cups

Classic Chicken & Noodle Soup: Chicken flavored broth with tagliatelle pasta, carrots, corn, and green and white onions.

Garden Tomato & Quinoa Soup: Tomato flavored broth with red quinoa, kale, and spinach.

Harvest Vegetable & Grain Soup: Vegetable flavored broth with brown rice, diced potatoes, and bell peppers.

Shiitake Mushroom & Beef Soup: Beef flavored broth with red grain rice, diced mushrooms, and spinach.

No matter which you choose, there is absolutely no danger you’ll end up with a soup-stained notebook.

(Photos: BOU)

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