5 Online Coffee Companies That Will Deliver Beans to Your Door

By Karla Walsh

Coffee is one majorly buzzy beverage (See what we did there?!). In fact, Americans drink more of it than any other drink besides tap water—to the tune of nearly 89 gallons per person per year. About 62 percent of Americans drink coffee every single day and the typical coffee drinker downs three cups per day, according to the 2020 National Coffee Data Trends Report from the National Coffee Association. Coffee consumption has been  linked to lowering your risk for diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s disease among others, research shows. To consider, coffee can easily be over consumed and if  it makes you jittery, disturbs your sleep or makes you nauseous you should definitely avoid.

And we’re all brewing more at home these days, as we’re drinking the same amount as in recent years passed, but about 20 percent fewer Americans or ordering it at a coffee shop, according to the National Coffee Association (NCA).

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That’s not-so-great news for the shops’ bottom line, but it’s brilliant news for your pocketbook and your sugar intake, most likely—since your DIY cup likely costs a couple dollars less and you control the mix-ins, toppings and sweetness level. (ICYMI, here are 7 healthy coffee boosters to use instead of sugar.) 

So if you picked up home brewing as one of your pandemic projects or if you’d like to start doing so now, ask your local store if they can hook you up at home. Or you can turn to one of these ethically-and sustainably-sourced coffee companies for subscriptions or one-time shipments that can help you stay well-stocked with no shopping trips required.

Best Coffee Box For Newbies: Bean Box World Coffee Tour 

Not quite sure what flavors or roast level you love or how much you’ll want to subscribe for each month? Try this sampler box first. It comes with 16 gourmet whole bean coffees—almost 2 pounds total—plus tasting notes, tips for brewing and even chocolates designed to pair well with each bean variety.

$72, beanbox.com

Best Coffee Subscription to Cure Your Wanderlust: Atlas Coffee Club

Yes, we know your passport is probably a little (okay, a lot) dusty. So join this coffee of the month club to tour the globe in your glass until you can do so again IRL. Atlas sources micro-lot premium coffees from Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia and other top growing regions and shares them with members exclusively. Expect to taste something totally different from your typical diner mug.

$14 for 1 bag per month, atlascoffeeclub.com

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Best Coffee Subscription to Learn More About Java: Driftaway

All Driftaway subscriptions start with a “coffee explorer kit” of four coffee profiles to help you pin down what you enjoy most. Report back and review as you go along, and future deliveries will be tailored to your preferences. Along with each shipment, you’ll get an email with video coffee stories for each farm they source from, and you can drink up knowing you’re doing good: For every pound of coffee Driftaway roasts, 5 cents is donated to the nonprofit World Coffee Research to support the well-being of growers and the quality of their beans.

$44 for 1 person for 3 months, driftaway.coffee

Best Coffee Subscription to Give Back With Every Cup: Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Speaking of doing good, this coffee company was designed with that philosophy in mind. Through the sale of their fair trade, organic, specialty coffee beans, the money raised supports animal rescue initiatives and organizations. Since 2005, they’ve provided more than 2 million meals for dogs in shelters, have helped 2,250 rescued dogs receive vaccines and ensured that 2,750 dogs were saved from euthanasia and placed in no-kill shelters. For your subscription, choose from three, six or 12-month periods to score 100 percent Arabica beans in whole, ground or pod format and pay in advance or as you go.

Starting at $13.99 per month, groundsandhoundscoffee.com

Best Coffee Subscription to Support Small American Roasters: Trade

From beans made best for enjoying hot or cold (find out here if cold brew is any healthier than hot coffee), decaf or fully-caffeinated, you can easily adjust, pause or cancel your Trade subscription with zero penalties. Start by taking a quiz about how you normally prefer your coffee and their brew brainiacs will curate matches for you from their 400+ coffees sourced from 52 American roasters, all of which vow to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practices, sustainable relationships, and high-quality production. Each batch is roasted to order so your coffee will go from green beans to roasted and shipped and on your way to your doorstep within 24 hours.

$14.75 for 1 bag per month, drinktrade.com

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