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3 Ways to Increase Productivity as an Entrepreneur


Working for yourself requires a lot of work, so the desire to increase productivity is almost always present.

If you just work more efficiently, maybe your business will get to that next level before the end of the year. If you can just get a little more done, maybe you’ll actually be able to take one day off to relax with your family (the possibilities!).

But being your own boss also presents unique challenges. You have to motivate yourself to be productive, since no one else is telling you what needs to get done each day. You have to set your own goals and metrics for success. You have to somehow ignore the pile of dishes you can see in the sink while working from your “home office.”

Need help managing all of those issues to increase productivity, stat? Here are three things that can seriously help.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity When You Work for Yourself

  • 1. Learn How to Manage Distraction

    No more having to show up at certain time in an office. No more set meetings filling your calendar. And you keep getting Instagram notifications, and you just remembered you haven’t watered your plants this week, and…is it lunch time yet? Distraction is inevitable and all-encompassing when you work for yourself, so you have to have concrete strategies for managing it. Here, an expert explains how to do that, via scheduling, toggling between work “modes,” and even conducting a “distraction audit.”

  • 2. Minimize Daily Decisions

    Decision fatigue is basically what happens when your brain gets tired of making decisions. When you’re running your own company (often alone), you naturally have to make all of the decisions. Also, since you may work in an unstructured way—not from a set office, for example, or different hours every day—there are more decisions to be made at every moment. (Should I go home for an hour or find a cafe to work from? Which cafe? When should I leave to get to my next client?) That decision pile-up has real consequences, like sapping your mental energy. To avoid it, try these science-based strategies.

  • 3. Create Boundaries

    Because you work from home, maybe your mother-in-law thinks that means she can pop in any time to chat for an hour? Or, in wellness, people likely ask you for free advice on nutrition and self-care every day. Here, Keri explains how she’s figured out how to create boundaries that allow her to prioritize her time without upsetting close friends and family.

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