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Are You Making These At-Home Workout Mistakes?


With most of the world on COVID19-induced lockdown, it’s safe to say our workouts—and lives—look very, very different than they did just a few weeks ago.

If you’re feeling stiff and stir-crazy (we are!), the good news is that you can easily sweat out some of your frustrations in the comfort of your own home. Where a lot of people go wrong: treating their at-home workouts like a second-rate version of the real thing. But with these tips from trainer and Nutritious Life ambassador, Hollis Tuttle, you’ll score a better sweat session than ever, promise.

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Don’t dismiss your bodyweight.

“Your bodyweight can most definitely provide enough resistance to build strength,” Tuttle says. “Although you aren’t moving any additional weight, like a dumbbell or kettlebell, you can always increase the number of reps, add sets, or do a more difficult variation as you progress.”

Set up your space. 

“Make sure that you have everything needed to have a great workout like your mat, water, a towel, music, and a designated program. With that in mind, don’t forget to remove any distractions. Instagram can wait for 20 to 60 minutes.”

Create a schedule.

“Schedule your at-home workout just like you would if you were going to a studio. Put it in your calendar and include a reminder.” And don’t cancel on yourself! 

Dress the part.

“Go ahead and put on one of your favorite workout outfits. You will be ready for a sweaty selfie!”

Focus on form.

“Be sure to be extra mindful of your movement and if possible, use a mirror to help keep yourself in check.”

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