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You Can Make This Healthy, Delicious Salad Dressing in 30 Seconds


Think making healthy homemade salad dressing will be a time suck? It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, a more surefire way to waste a lot of time is by hanging at the grocery store studying the back of dressing bottles that list 30 ingredients on the label.

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In this video, Keri offers a better way. Here, she demonstrates how to make her go-to simple salad topper, officially known as “Keri’s Lemon Dressing.”

It’s made with just four fresh, tasty ingredients (and that includes salt and pepper!) and takes less than 30 seconds to whip up.

“I always have this on hand at home,” she says, to throw on almost any salad, use as a marinade, or even dress up roasted veggies or fish.

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Get the full recipe, here, and watch the video below for a simple step-by-step tutorial.

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing in 30 Seconds

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