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5 Smart Tips to Get Kids to Eat Healthy


Your little ones might be overeaters, undereaters, picky eaters, or sugar obsessed. Whatever their hang ups, they’re likely not begging for kale salad—and most parents have a hard time teaching kids healthy eating habits. (You’re not alone!)

While you may not be able to get them to believe roasted sweet potatoes are just as delicious as french fries by tomorrow, there are plenty of things you can do to steer them in the right direction now.

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In this video, Keri shares five “dos” for getting picky kids to eat better.

All of her tips are easy to incorporate into your normal routine right away, from taking them with you to the farmers’ market or grocery store (bonus: quality time together!) to getting them used to seeing vegetables at every. single. meal.

They may not know you’re even pushing them in a healthier direction, but over the long-term, behaviors that align with eating well will be embedded in their lives.

How to teach kids healthy eating habits: The Dos

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