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10 Amazingly Healthy Sweet Snacks


I have tons of clients who are self sabotaged by their own sweet tooth.

Some bemoan the vending machine that calls their name at 3PM every day.

Others dread the monthly group dinner with friends, knowing the multiple forks presented with the molten lava cake and three berry crumble may as well be shovels because they will not practice the three bite rule.

And, finally there are those who feel like failures because they cannot resist twice weekly trips to the fro yo shop where they can top their flavor of the week with everything from malted milk balls to Captain Crunch.

If your wild sweet tooth is a part of your identity that you have accepted (no judgements here), I have some suggestions for you to keep it tamed — healthy sweet snacks that will not derail your healthful eating but will fulfill your desire for something decadent.

I even have one on this list that you can indulge in daily (it feels legitimately decadent, but it’s really healthful.)

Here are 10 awesome healthy sweet snacks (and, I’ll bring my own spoon if you invite me to join you):

1. Matt’s Munchies are dried fruit treats, with an upgraded twist. At 35 – 80 calories per pack, these dried fruit puree snacks offer long enjoyment due to their strip sized bites (think Listerine strips but in fruit form.) It’s a bonus that they are portable and perfectly portioned for you. There is even one for you chocoholics out there!

2. Frozen Bananas aren’t just a summer lovin treat. They are an all year long fiber, potassium and antioxidant packed sweet snack (or dessert) that is naturally portion controlled.

3. Perhaps one of the best inventions ever is Trader Joe’s Sugar, Coffee Bean and Chocolate Grinder. This little trio is conveniently packed in a salt grinder so you can grind away for tons of flavor and only an itty bitty amount of calories. I use it to top yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, fruit… shall I go on?

4.  A frozen fruit bar is a solid sweet staple. Look for whole food ingredients only and no added corn syrup, dyes or chemicals. I recommend: Edy’s, Whole Fruit, 365.

5.  70% or higher dark chocolate helps you to indulge your sweet tooth and get a dose of antioxidants, so enjoy it on occasion in a 1 oz portion. There are literally hundreds of brands out there on the market, readily portioned for you and you’ll often find them at checkout lines across the land.  A couple faves: Green & Black’s, Alter Eco truffles.

6. Angel food cake is mostly sugar and egg whites. For less than 100 calories, it is OK that this indulgence isn’t very nutrient dense because it is a great vehicle for berries, which are!  Plus, who doesn’t have a little nostalgia for this old-school “treat”?

7. The Good Bean makes roasted chickpeas in a cinnamon flavor that is perfect for a sweet snack. High in fiber and protein, your waistline will not budge over this indulgence, even if it is frequent.

8. Peanut butter is not just for jelly and you don’t have to bake to turn yourself into a nutrition scientist: place 2 teaspoons natural peanut butter and 1 teaspoon cocoa powder in the microwave on high for 20 seconds. Mix and top with 1 teaspoon unsweetened coconut flakes. Eat with a spoon!

9. Grilled peaches or other yummy fruity treats — brush a little honey over peach halves and sprinkle with nutmeg. Toss on a hot grill for 1 – 2 minutes per side so the sugars caramelize.

This brings me to number ten…the treat I mentioned before that gets the green light as a daily taste:

10. Caramel Tea by Yogi is a sweet treat for your waistline that you can have anytime you feel the need for sweetness. It feels indulgent, but it’s really a healthful choice, as it has no calories, is full of antioxidants and contributes to your hydration efforts.  This is food/drink working for you!

There you have it, sweets for my sweets. Remember: go slowly and savor your mouthfuls so your relationship with your sweet tooth is at peace with your relationship with your health mindedness!

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