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How to Handle Fussy Eaters


Fussy eaters tend to sound something like,

“I’m not eating that!!”



“I only want butter and pasta mom!”

Kids and their food can be tricky to navigate.

What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, what’s acceptable junk, how much junk is too much, how few veggies are not life threatening… all these thoughts dominate many parents’ days as they try to feed their fussy eaters and navigate their likes and dislikes like a full time job.

Whether you’re a parent or not, most likely you’ve seen or been exposed to the spectrum of issues that arise when it comes to kids and their food.

Everything from overeating, to under-eating, to picky-eating, to straight up sugar fiends, to wondering what’s lurking in the store bought version of your homemade faves, it’s hard not to worry about whether your child is eating properly.

I’ve had many clients come to me with issues involving their fussy eaters liking “nothing” and refusing to eat, only to come back to me 5 years down the line concerned that their child is overweight, or is a junk food junkie, or is sneaking food.

So figuring out how to avoid this tug of war in the first place is key, and if you think you’ve lost the battle already I want to encourage you to keep at the good food fight.

There’s a whole spectrum of concerns and solutions and by no means is there one easy answer but the 5 tips I talk about in the below video are what I’ve found to be most helpful in getting your kids to eat healthy and most importantly develop a healthy relationship with food.

How to Handle Fussy Eaters


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