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How to Make (Healthy!) Burgers Without a Grill


By Michelle Rubinstein, NLC

I love summer barbecues, but because I live in New York City, grilling isn’t usually an option. Enter oven-booked burgers.

Like many living in a big city, I don’t have access to a grill, and a George Foreman takes up too much countertop or cabinet space (and is so far from the real thing anyway!).

But the truth is, there are many reasons why it’s not just okay, but even better to skip the grill and use your oven to make delicious burgers. (You know, the crave-worthy juicy, grass-fed kind from your annual family barbecue.)

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oven-cooked burgers

Why Oven-Cooked Burgers Work

First of all, when you grill meat, you have to worry about creating carcinogenic compounds. Yes, those burnt ends and charred lines on a lean steak are tasty, but unfortunately those parts of the cooked meat are not good for your health in the long-run.

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The oven (and stove top) are also more convenient. Working in the kitchen means you have everything at your fingertips—your pots, pans, utensils, spices, and every ingredient in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. There’s no shuffling back and forth, and there’s less of a chance you forget to check on the food outside, and end up with burgers that resemble hockey pucks. (We’ve all been there!)

oven-cooked burgers

The oven is also there for you in every season, rain or shine, and doesn’t come with extra expenses like propane. It generally involves less mess, and easier clean up, too.

Ready to enjoy some of your favorite grill recipes without leaving the kitchen? Make my Organic Chicken Mushroom Burgers, now.

oven-cooked burgers

About Michelle:

Michelle Rubinstein graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies (an interdisciplinary program with a focus on psychology, sociology, and economics), and is currently a master’s student in the Nutrition & Education program at Columbia’s Teachers College. She’s also a graduate of The Nutrition School. In 2017, Michelle co-founded Little Patches, a baby clothing and accessories company based in NYC, a creative outlet and fun endeavor for when she’s not experimenting in the kitchen. Follow her on Instagram at @allbymichelle.

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