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Social Media Tips to Build a Powerful, Healthy Brand



Natalie Jill is definitely someone you want to get social media tips from, which is why I sat down with her to do just that. (She’s also one of my fave girls to hang and chat with about almost anything…but that’s for another blog.)

Jill has built an incredible fitness brand across every platform—from Pinterest and Insta to Facebook and Google+—and knows how to channel that attention into offline success.

She’ll tell you that while taking great photos is important, there’s much more to it than that, whether you’re a trainer, dietitian, healthy chef, or yogi.

In this video, we hit on many of the biggest questions on the topic, from attracting the right customer and driving traffic to your website via your social channels to…wait, this is important!…how to be sure all of these efforts will actually make you money. (How else will you pay for a constant supply of organic coconut oil?)

Watch the video, below, to get started, and sign up to learn from me, Natalie Jill, and other amazing experts like her via Nutrition Life Studio.

Social Media Tips to Build a Brand

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