Sweat Often, Workout Tips

Outdoor Workout in the Park


Think you gotta hit the gym to get fit? Think again! My friend Natalie Jill came to visit me in NYC, and she put me through her awesome outdoor workout in the park she calls Upper Body Jiggle Be Gone! I’m not sure what I liked more – the workout or the name 🙂

Outdoor Workout: Upper Body Jiggle Be Gone

6 Exercises, 10 reps of each, repeat – Are you in?!?!

  1. Pushups
  2. Tricep dips
  3. Plank twists
  4. Bridge walks
  5. Pushup to tricep shimmies
  6. Lateral raises (butterflies)

Here’s 10 awesome healthy snacks to eat before and after this and other outdoor workouts. And if you wanna learn more about how Natalie Jill lives her most Nutritious Life, check this out!

Happy sweating!