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How to Pick the Highest Quality CBD Products


In partnership with Green Roads.

There are so many ways CBD can help you live every day a little bit better—and you’ve probably heard about at least a few of them (maybe from us?).

But the wonder cannabis compound got really popular really quickly, to the extent that there are now lots of brands on the market and not a lot of information as to which one is going to work for you.

One way to make your pick? Go with a company that ranks quality above all other considerations.

We’re talking about Green Roads, a brand that has won multiple awards for quality products and industry leadership, and that has been named the No. 1 privately-held CBD company in the U.S. (#humblebrag).

The cornerstone of Green Roads’ mission is to help people live better lives, and they do that by prioritizing quality, starting with the hemp farms they source from. After cultivation, they use advanced extraction methods and test all of the raw materials for contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. Then, they produce pharmacist-formulated CBD products using pure, potent ingredients.

That’s not even it. After that, products undergo third-party lab testing to make sure they’re hitting quality standards, and they put QR codes linked to lab results on every package. If only every nutrition label were just as transparent!

Ready to live your most Nutritious Life with the help of the best CBD products money can buy? Here are five totally different ways to start taking the Green Roads.

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