How to Stop Bloating in 5 Easy Steps

Are you waking up feeling a little puffy? Do you need pliers to pull your rings off and an extra strength shoe horn to squeeze your feet into your new heels?

Besides your waistline, you may notice a little bloat in your face, neck, fingers and ankles.

You are retaining a layer of water just underneath your skin.

Don’t freak out. It happens to everyone.

It isn’t fat and you don’t have to get used to it. You can banish it with a little know how.

Learn how to stop bloating, shuck that layer, and unveil a more streamlined version of you.

How to Stop Bloating in 5 Easy Steps


  1. Push Fluid With Fluid.

    If you are retaining water, you may be dealing with a little electrolyte imbalance.

    It may feel counter intuitive,  but drinking water will flush (literally) the extra fluid from your system.

    Steer clear of the bubbly stuff (that won’t help!) and if you’re looking for a little extra zip to your H2O, toss in a slice of lemon, grapefruit or cucumber, which may help you suck down a little more.

  2. Moo-ve the Dairy. dairy

    Dairy isn’t easy for many adults to digest. As we age, we lose the enzyme needed to break down and process milk sugars — the side effect is bloating, gas and cramping.

    Take a few days to ditch milk and dairy products completely. Don’t substitute them, just take a break from milk, cheese and yogurt.

    If you notice a big difference, you may be intolerant, so try adding back dairy foods one at a time.

    Try yogurt first (and no other dairy) and check in with yourself to see if the bloat returns. The next day try milk in your coffee.

    Add one dairy food a day, so you can see what works for you.

  3. Choose Fruit Wisely. grapefruit

    So, believe it or not, you are better off not going for the apples, pears and melon if you want to push out the water weight.

    Choose berries, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and grapes, as they don’t hold on to as much water and are more easily digested.

  4. Ditch What You Can’t Pronounce. sweetener

    Can’t say it? Don’t eat it. Ditch all artificial sweeteners and diet foods.

    They can make you bloated and trigger gas and diarrhea: exactly what you don’t want.

    Stay away from xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol and all the artificial sweeteners. You don’t need the diet yogurt, soda, cookies or other nutrient poor foods.

  5. Stop the Starch.

    Starches, especially the processed ones, like cereals, pastas, breads and crackers, hold on to water. You don’t want that.

    Either do without the toast and pasta, or choose whole grain and less processed options like brown rice, root vegetables or oats. They’re better choices, anyway.

    You still need fiber, which is super important for both your health and your six pack, so get it from produce and whole grains, or consider a supplement — don’t forget to wash down your fiber rich foods with lots of water.

Ok, that’s how to stop bloating. You’ll slide your rings off with ease, slip into those neew heels easily and relish your streamlined self.

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