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Perfect Coleslaw and Potato Salad Without Mayo


Raise your hand if you equate a bbq with coleslaw, macaroni salad and potato salad. After all, they’re tradition, right?!

But let’s be honest. More often than not, many a backyard feast winds down with containers missing only one spoonful of each salad and a thin brown coating atop of what’s left.

In the end, they all wind up in the garbage.

Since we have all come to expect these traditional dishes at traditional cookouts, I am often asked what to eat at a fete that has burgers, dogs, mayo based salads and little else (answer, eat the lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles with a grilled burger and no bun).

If you’re looking forward summer bbqs this year, give your mayo salads a facelift and everyone will be eating them, loving you, and sticking to their healthy ways. Party on.

Coleslaw Without The Mayo

Coleslaw should be healthful! After, all, it’s mainly cabbage. Lots of more healthful versions use Greek yogurt to replace the mayo, but both ingredients expire quickly and you want to keep your guests safe.

Try a vinegar based coleslaw that is delicious and safer than the traditional version. I’d make a double batch and hope for leftovers!

Macaroni Salad Without The Mayo

Macaroni salad is comfort on a fork, but the processed pasta, fat-laden mayo and nutrient poor ingredients aren’t going to set you up for fueling yourself well.

Use a high fiber pasta and try a pasta salad full of veggies or a pesto pasta salad that uses good fats for amazing flavor. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve tossed in a spoonful or two of flax meal to boost the nutrition and nobody noticed.

Potato Salad Without The Mayo

Potato salad takes so much work to make — you gotta peel the potatoes, boil ‘em, wait for them to cool, dress them and then refrigerate them so the flavors can marry.

Who needs all that work for something so unappreciated? Try a farmer’s market potato salad that you can throw in the oven and feel great about eating.

Yes, I know coleslaw nad macaroni salad and potato salad without mayo is going to feel a little different. A little strange, maybe. Try these anyway! You can have the comfort and tradition without ditching your healthful ways. You’re welcome.

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