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Why You Should Eat Pumpkin Pie And Enjoy Every Calorie

Ask Keri: Pumpkin pie has a gazillion calories, and I’m trying to lose weight. Should I skip it?

Keri Says: Pumpkin pie. Cranberry sauce. Stuffing. Mashed Potatoes. Butter. Butter. More butter.

Thanksgiving is coming and you already have anxiety just thinking about the decadence that will be staring you in the face on the holiday table, right?

You’re imagining the moment you’ll get to dig into your favorite pumpkin pie, topped with freshly whipped cream and surrounded by a crumbly, sweet, and buttery graham crust.

You’ll “try to be good” and only have one bite.

But when you wind up eating a whole piece, you won’t be able to enjoy it because you’ll immediately start kicking yourself for falling off the healthful path.

You’ll say “I’ve blown it!” and maybe even have a second piece, because you know what? You “earned it.” And if everyone else can enjoy it then why can’t you? And you might as well enjoy everything on the table—twice—because Thanksgiving only comes once a year and you’ll just get back on track on Monday morning. 

Sound familiar?

The next day, when you step on the scale, you’ll throw your hands up in the air and curse yourself for eating that “dang piece of pie!” and blame it for the extra pound you’re up or shame yourself for staying the same when you’re trying to lose.

Just thinking about all of this negativity is exhausting, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you like to simply eat your favorite piece of pumpkin pie one day in your life and not feel bad about it? Don’t you want—more than anything—not to feel disgusted with yourself and unhappy in your body and eat that piece of pie in peace?

That’s not asking too much, and you can have that right now.

How to Actually Enjoy Your Pumpkin Pie

THIS holiday season, you just gotta try it the Nutritious Life way, and turn it into YOUR way.

The Nutritious Life way means that you’re always working hard at living your most Nutritious Life. Most of the time, it has you feeling good about your food, fitness, and wellness choices.

There are things that are super easy for you to do (i.e. have your favorite salad at lunchtime) and there will always be areas you need to work a little harder on (i.e. getting yourself to the gym before work).

This is normal, and you don’t beat yourself up for not being “perfect.” You just keep trying and improving.

Are you working hard on all of your nutrition and wellness work 90% of the time? Good for you!

If you’re truly doing great health and nutrition work 90% of the time, you should beenjoying dessert, a glass of wine, or a savory treat a few times every week. These are what I call conscious indulgences.

What is a Conscious Indulgence?

A conscious indulgence is a planned treat that you add to your lifestyle only because it’s delicious, makes you happy, and is a part of being an empowered eater.   

So put that Nutritious Life hat on and change your thinking. Empowered You is now contemplating that same pie and thinking, “I cannot wait to eat a peace (pun intended) of my favorite pie! I’m going to savor every bite.”

Empowered eaters can have their cake, pie, chips, or french fries and be satisfied once they’ve eaten it, rather than triggered to want more and more. 

This mindset reduces stress over food because there’s nothing illicit about the gravy. You planned on eating it.

This is the Nutritious Life way—a mindset—deliberate, planned and empowered. Try it out. You’ll see that you’re really proud of your good work and savoring and enjoying your conscious indulgences, and the negative brain power is a forgotten memory.

You’ll continue to reach your weight and health goals. Farewell to the Frustrated Old You. You like this You much more.

Have a healthful and fabulous Thanksgiving (to make it utterly spectacular check out my healthy Thanksgiving menu). Enjoy your holiday and your conscious indulgence.

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