Drink Up, Hydration & Water

How to Easily Upgrade Your Hydration Routine


Created in partnership with CORE, Perfectly pH Balanced Water.

Alright, so you’ve got your healthy diet mostly figured out: green smoothies in the morning, kale salad for lunch, and salmon and veggies for dinner. You’ve been exercising four days a week, too, alternating between cardio and weight training and yoga to keep things balanced.

Hydration, on the other hand, isn’t on your radar.

Drinking enough water tends to be an afterthought when it comes to wellness, and that’s a problem because it seriously impacts your health. Hydration affects your metabolism, weight loss, energy, and how effective your workouts are (to name just a few important factors).

And while you’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s all water under the bridge,” when it comes to your hydration routine, what’s done is not done—and all water is not created equal.


In fact, if you really want to do right by your precious body, you’ll give it the H2O it deserves: CORE Hydration.

If we were talking about liquor (but we’re not, because we’re all about that wellness), CORE would be the top-shelf stuff. It outshines other bottled waters for a few important reasons.

First, it’s clean: It’s perfectly balanced to match your body’s natural pH of 7.4. Think ultra-purified via a seven-stage process that means it’s free from flouride, arsenic, chlorine, and more. That means it’s crisp, too. (As in, it has literally won awards for how refreshing it is in terms of taste.)

Finally, it’s design-savvy: The Insta-worthy CORE bottle has a wide mouth opening for easy gulping and a shape that makes it easy to grip while on a jog. It’s also BPA-free and 100-percent recyclable.

Ready to shift your hydration habits into hyperdrive by drinking the best water for your body?

Get 20 percent off your first order with code NL20—and then, drink up!

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