Avocado Egg Recipes to Make NOW!

When asked about foods I eat every day, (I actually do get asked this quite often), I always list avocado.

When it comes to how and when I eat avocado the answer is “anytime, anyway and any place!”

The egg-in-avocado concept is something that makes me very excited.  No joking here.  If you don’t get into this, I’m telling you you’re seriously missin’ out.

Having tried it for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, I can tell you that it’s quite possibly the best invention ever. {Tweet this!}

I love a no-brainer way for you to pull it off without breaking out the measuring spoons. 2 simple ingredients, 2 minutes prep time, and limitless ways to rebrand this plate of deliciousness.

It’s uber easy. Try it my favorite ways, and you’ll be fishing for an avocado every day too.

Here’s what you do:

  • Preheat your oven to 425͒F (yes, you can do it in the toaster oven!)
  • Split an avocado in half and ditch the pit.
  • Scoop out a little bit of the avocado’s center – about a tablespoon – and save it, or shove it in your mouth.
  • Crack an egg right into the center of the avocado and place it in an oven safe dish (you don’t want it to wobble, so choose the tightest fit you can find.)
  • Bake for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on how well cooked you like your egg.
  • Top with fresh herbs and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.

Vary it up:

  • My favorite way to eat this masterpiece is scooped out onto a slice of a new fave on the shelves, Dave’s Killer Bread. The Blues Bread version has incredible cornmeal action going on. Toasted, with a smear of coconut oil and the scooped out avocado slathered all over the top and some salsa fresca, it competes with huevos rancheros any day.
  • If you’re entertaining, serve it alongside a frisee salad with citrus slices. Brunch is served.
  • Eggs for dinner? You bet. Put my avocado addiction over a pile ‘o white beans, chili or quinoa and a little shot of sriracha. Cha cha cha!
  • Lookin’ to impress? Go ahead and top that avocado masterpiece with a little smoked salmon and a spoonful of caviar, then serve it with endive and radicchio leaves.

Brilliant, I know! You are more than welcome.


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