Drink Up, Hydration & Water

The Surprisingly Simple Habit That Boosts Weight Loss


Created in partnership with Liquid I.V.

If you’ve been approaching your ideal weight and there’s just a little something holding you back, consider this: Are you drinking enough water?

You might not associate H2O with weight loss, but dehydration can be a real barrier to dropping pounds for two reasons.

One: When you’re dehydrated, you often mistake your thirst for hunger and end up overeating. Staying properly hydrated can help you recognize true hunger cues and avoid those afternoon snack cravings.

Two: Drinking enough water promotes what’s known as a thermogenic state, which essentially means your body can work as efficiently as possible on all of its tasks, including kicking your metabolism into high gear. Translation: burn more calories throughout the day!

hydration and weight loss

So, how to make sure you’re getting enough water when you’re living your busy, on-the-go lifestyle?

Keep Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier stashed in your bag and add to your water throughout the day. It’s a delicious non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that can provide the same hydration as drinking two to three whole bottles of water (really!). Just pour it in your glass or bottle, stir, and sip.

Drinking Liquid I.V. before, during, or after your favorite workout class can boost your hydration. Make your water work harder for you! Just 1 Liquid I.V. stick pack hydrates you faster and more efficiently than H2O alone.

Now is the perfect time to try Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier! Nutritious Life readers get an exclusive 20 percent off with code NL20.


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