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How to Do Sunday Prep for a Productive, Stress-Free Week


Mastering Sunday prep is one of the best ways to set yourself up for a week that involves less stress and more productivity (and happiness!).

After all, you’re not going to kill it in a morning meeting if you’re running on coffee because there was no time to make eggs. You’re not going to enjoy quality time with your kids during dinner if you’re struggling to get a healthy meal on the table before bedtime. (It’s easier to get them to eat broccoli when they’re wide awake, we promise.)

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And if you’re a nutritionist or health coach (or any kind of wellness professional) teaching your clients how to effectively prep for a healthy week is key. It’ll set them up with healthy habits and make it easier for them to follow your brilliant advice come Wednesday, when their to-do list has grown alongside cravings for cupcakes and you’re not around to intervene.

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Here are some foolproof ways to make Sunday the day you ready yourself for a nutritious week—and life.

How to Do Sunday Prep

1. Wash and Chop.

You’d be surprised how much a dirty bunch of spinach can hold you up by the time you’re done rinsing, spinning, and picking leaves off stems. Wash and bag all of your greens on Sunday so they’re ready to be thrown in any dish. Wash all of your other produce, too, and pre-chop anything you’ll be able to grab to throw in a salad or for a snack, like red peppers, carrots, and celery. You can roast veggies in bulk and have them ready alongside the raw ones. Bonus: When everything is cleaned, chopped, and stored, your fridge will look pretty and organized, which will help you feel in control of the week ahead.

2. Stock snacks.

Speaking of veggie sticks, prep other snacks you can grab on the go, even if that means just bagging nuts so they’re portable or pre-portioning hummus into containers.

3. Cook grains.

Make big batches of plain quinoa, brown rice, farro, or another healthy grain to keep in the fridge so you have a base for different dishes to assemble throughout the week.

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4. Prep protein.

Proteins like fish fillets don’t hold up that well, but you can grill organic chicken breasts or grass-fed steaks in advance and store them to add to salads and grain bowls later. This will help you make sure the meat you eat is high-quality.

5. Plan for leftovers.

When you’re planning Sunday dinner, think big. Make a lasting dish that’s bound to end up in leftovers, like a big pot of veggie or grass-fed beef chili, a hearty soup, or a veggie casserole.  (Check out this Roasted Veggie Enchilada Casserole for inspo!)

6. Make breakfast ahead.

If Greek yogurt is your go-to, you can probably skip this step. If not, there are a few easy, healthy breakfast options you can make in advance. Hard boil a dozen eggs, for instance, and they’ll be ready to eat with Ezekial toast and avocado mash. You can also make overnight oats in all different combos, which look super gorgeous on a fridge shelf in Mason jars.

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7. Schedule workouts and personal to-dos.

It’s easy to get swept up in your work once you’re in the swing of things. In order to stay healthy and balanced, you need to prioritize getting things done for yourself, too. Even if you just go running in your neighborhood or do yoga in your living room, schedule those workouts into your calendar for the whole week, so they’re locked in like meetings. You can also choose a few high-priority personal to-dos that need to come off your long list and onto the calendar. That’ll help you keep moving forward each week without feeling overwhelmed.

When you’re done, it’s time to Netflix and chill. After all of that work, you’ve earned it. Sure, tomorrow’s Monday, but you’ll barely feel the anxiety knowing all of your homework’s done and you’re free to have fun.


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