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New Research: Why You Should Definitely Take Omega-3s and a Probiotic During Pregnancy


Afraid your kids are going to end up with tons of scary allergies? A new research review found omega-3s and probiotic supplements could help prevent at least a few.

According to the New York Times, a meta-analysis, published in PLOS Medicine, found solid evidence that women who took omega-3 supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding reduced the risk for “childhood allergic reaction to eggs” by 31 percent. It also found probiotics taken after the 36th week of pregnancy and in the first months of breastfeeding “were associated with a 22 percent reduction in the risk for eczema in children.”

This is a big deal for a few reasons. First of all, the prevalence of food allergies in kids has risen significantly in recent years, and eggs are the most common food allergy. Allergies can be annoying and uncomfortable for your kiddos, but also seriously dangerous. Even eczema, while not as scary, is not going to make for a happy child (itchy kid = miserable kid = miserable parent).

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The cool thing about this study is that it offers a simple habit solution that women can act on right away, which is pretty rare in the realm of nutrition research. Plus, taking those supplements won’t just be good for the baby.  Momma will also reap the benefits of inflammation-fighting and heart-healthy omega-3s and the gut (and brain) health powers of a good probiotic. You gotta think of yourself, too, right?


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