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9 Ways to Work Out at Home

Exercising among hundreds of sweaty gym goers just isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy squeezing yourself into a corner of a room for a class or sweating taking the chance of sweating it up next to a man who smells like garlic then going to a health club to get your fit on just may not work for you.

That’s no excuse not to up your fitness. You just need to figure out how to workout at home, or at least not workout in a gym. There are endless options, but here are 9 of my faves.

9 Ways to Work Out at Home

1. Maximize tube time. Most commercial breaks last 60 seconds to 2 ½ minutes. Don’t fast forward your DVR or get up and go to the fridge, instead use these breaks to up your fitness. How about trying: crunches or planks (try to get as many in or stay as long as you can in the pose until your show returns); lunges, push-ups, squat-jumps or burpees (do as many as you can without stopping); yoga poses or stretches (hold each pose or stretch for 30 seconds). Every little bit counts, so challenge yourself to increase your repetitions or time as you progress.

2. Go digital. If you’re contemplating diving into the gym but aren’t sure if you’d like zumba, boot camp, yoga with weights or another gym class you may have heard of, try it at home first before doing it en mass. If your dvd player already made it to the technology graveyard with your VCR, then there are plenty of streaming options for you. Youtube is the easiest place to start. If you’re interested in Boutique style workouts, give Booyah Fitness a try. Got a smart TV? Check out your hub for free fitness VOD apps. Options are endless, you just gotta think outside the gym.

3. Make the playground your playground. Commit to getting an outdoor workout in (even if it is quick) every time you bring your kids to the park. Hint: if you wear your new athleisure wear, I promise you will be more motivated. Climb. Chase. Swing. Throw and catch. Use the bench for dips, step ups and Bulgarian lunges. Use a tree to secure your TRX. Do laps around the swing set. Small children are often fit because they never stop moving, and they don’t need to do conventional movements to be their most healthful selves. Imitate them (including the laughing and goofiness) – it feels great and you will look great too. See those monkey bars? Go try a pull up!

4. Bring the gym to you. Consider purchasing a doorway gym system. There are several options out there, such as TRX, that are portable and easy to set up. Other options are to purchase a cardio machine or hire a personal trainer who will come to you. Whatever you choose, make it part of your routine and schedule your exercise like a doctor’s appointment so that you’ll really commit. Feel like splurging? Treat yourself to a Peleton instead of diamonds. Bikes can be a girl’s best friend, too.

5. Don’t think gaming systems are just for gamers. Not just for kids, Wii, XBOX, or whatever system you prefer has several games and services that will really get your sweat on. There’s tennis, golf, baseball, dancing, bowling and so much more if you’re feeling sporty, and there are celeb fitness trainer workout options if you’re feeling celeb workouty. Who knew you’d be the one fighting over the controls with your kids?!

6. Hit the cold. Try an outside winter sport such as ice skating, skiing, snow shoeing or sledding. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even know you’re exercising. You can even burn cals making snow angels and snowball forts, so no judgement here if you aren’t as winter sport coordinated as you’d like to be. And with so many cute winter sport apparel options, going into your closet will be all the motivation you’ll need to head outside.

7. Stand up. You burn 33% more calories standing up than you do sitting down, so decide to stand whenever the phone rings during the day. Make an effort to fold laundry standing. Stand at the computer or when waiting for the bus. Remember your posture. Shoulders back, tummy in, stand straight.

8. Get cleaning. Join a community clean-up program, de-clutter your garage/attic/basement, wash the windows, scrub the tub, find the grass in your yard by removing leaves and debris, re-organize your closet and drawers . . . this work is endless yet rewarding.  It keeps you movin’ and groovin’.

9. Walk a dog. Having a pet is a great excuse to get out and move. Pups that live indoors require at least a 30 minute stroll to get their energy out and stay healthy. Try to maximize your dog’s requirements and your own at the same time. Wear comfortable shoes and keep a good pace. And did I mention this will save you from having to get Sparky’s toenails clipped?

Of course check with your physician before embarking on a new fitness routine. Think outside the fitness box and you will be successful. Cheers to your most healthful and fit self!

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