I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions.

Even though I love that google search histories are dominated by “healthy dinner ideas” and “healthy snacks” and “how to eat healthy” around the new year, by February the healthy eating novelty often wears off and January’s healthy searches are replaced with “weight loss supplements” and other quick fixes that aren’t part of a healthy diet or a healthy life.

And don’t even get me started on just having willpower to lose weight every January.

I believe we should be working on improving ourselves daily, and that we don’t need a holiday date to begin self-improvement work.

However, there is something to be said for taking a minute to reflect on the past year and take action moving forward. That I am down with.

There are many “rules” to follow in life but looking ahead at a new year, there is one rule I would like to focus on: be responsible.

It translates into your personal, professional and social life in a proactive and productive way.

We don’t need a million guidelines.

There shouldn’t be a hundred messages telling you how to govern yourself as you navigate the world.

Moving through life with the mantra ‘be responsible’ should cover you in most situations.

As we approach the New Year, it’s a good time to revisit the simple message of being responsible and perhaps use it as an alternative to your usual new years resolutions that never seem to last into spring.

New Years Resolutions the Healthy Way:

1. Be responsible for your health.

Make choices that keep you accountable to your physical, mental and emotional health. Find a way to be responsible when you are indulging and enjoy yourself with a thoughtful recognition of your actions with food, exercise and well being.

Make and keep your doctors’ appointments, schedule regular dental check-ups and be proactive in eating empowered by keeping your refrigerator and pantry responsibly stocked with healthy foods.

2. Be responsible in your environment.

Take a New Year’s minute to look at the space you spend the most time in. Do you love your home? Is your bedroom a sanctuary? Are you proud of the desk you keep and spot where you relax?

No? Then take some action and make the spaces you live in spaces you love. Take ownership of improving your world you live in so that you can feel good about your choices.

3. Be responsible in your love.

Release some oxytocin, the love hormone that is responsible for managing your stress and negative feelings. While sex is a great way to release oxytocin, there are plenty of G-rated ways to do it, too: cuddle more puppies, hold more children’s hands, hug your loved ones.

You deserve to have a year that is full of feelings of being loved, so take responsibility for it by incorporating a little love into each day.



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