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5 Smart Ways to Get More Out of Every Spin Class


Whether you’re prepping for your very first spin class (go you!) or regularly pedal to a rockin’ playlist, these indoor cycling tips can help you get the most out of every on-the-bike session.

First thing to remember? Even if you’re used to the massive amounts of sweat produced during 45 minutes of sprints and hills, you’re probably still not drinking enough water. “You’ve got to hydrate before, during, and after class,” says expert trainer Hannah Marie Corbin.

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Corbin is a Peloton instructor, which means she’s got to be skilled at keeping a room full of New Yorkers on track while at the same time motivating the many people riding along on their at-home Peloton bikes around the world.

And drinking up is the most basic piece of advice she’s got. Check out five more smart tips, below, to start cycling (and burning calories…and producing endorphins…) like a pro.

5 Indoor Cycling Tips

1. Take care of your toes.

“Grab a cycling shoe that is a half to a full size larger than your street shoes,” Corbin advises.

2. Get to class early to set up your bike.

We know, you’re often running to class from a meeting that went over, sprinting from the subway as a warm-up. But when you can, arrive five minutes early. Most people underestimate the power of proper bike setup,” Corbin explains. “Take a few extra minutes to fine-tune your setup for more output on the bike.” In other words, you’ll be able to pedal harder for a better workout (and prevent injury) if your bike is set to your body. Not sure how? Ask a studio employee for help.

indoor cycling tips

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3. Keep breathing.

For some reason, lots of people stop breathing when the going gets tough. “Don’t hold your breath!” she says. “Breath is power.” AKA, your muscles really need oxygen to perform, so don’t deny them that fuel.

4. Check in with your form regularly.

Good form equals maximum power and injury prevent. Corbin says to cycle through three crucial check-ins.

  1. Parallel knees: Keep your toes and knees moving forward.
  2. Lift up through your waistline: It’s important to support your lower back throughout your ride.
  3. Establish a cool, calm, and collected upper body: Soft elbows, lifted chest, long neck.

5. Push yourself, but pay attention to your body.

“I will never throw anything at my riders that they can’t already handle, but it’s important to remember that the numbers are meant to be manipulated,” she says. “Listen to your instructor and strive for their numbers…but also listen to your own body and breath and adjust accordingly.”

That’s advice that extends far beyond the Peloton studio, too.

(Photos: Peloton)

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