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3 Sweet Chocolate Smoothies that Aren’t Filled With Sugar


Created in partnership with CocoaVia supplement.

When a drink satisfies your sweet tooth, that’s usually a bad sign. Soda? Straight fruit juice? Starbucks Unicorn Latte? All filled with sugar. These chocolate smoothies, however, are terrific healthy alternatives,

Instead of tons of sugar, they’re packed with nutritious ingredients that will give you energy and support your immune system and overall health.

We’re talking blueberries,oats, and CocoaVia supplement. CocoaVia contains cocoa flavanols that numerous scientific studies have demonstrated promote healthy blood flow from head to toe†. Healthy circulation means it’s easier for your body to transport oxygen and nutrients wherever it needs them, for optimum performance.

So, plug in that NutriBullet and blend up these sweet chocolate smoothies, ASAP.

3 Sweet Chocolate Smoothies

Coconut Cookie Smoothie

Do we really need to explain? This creamy smoothie tastes like a chocolate coconut cookie but is filled with 375 mg of flavanols instead of white flour and white sugar. Enough said.

Post-Workout Smoothie

Protein is the name of the game, here. Sip this one after a spin class or, hey, a game…if you’re the one playing.

Raspberry Oat Smoothie

You get fiber from the fruit and oats and gut-healthy probiotics from the kefir, all while sipping on what tastes like a chocolate-covered raspberry. Yum.

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