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Xen Strength Yoga: 10 Minutes for Strong Glutes

Think doing yoga for a shapely tush is not exactly what yoga’s all about? You’re definitely right.

But guess what? Strong glutes (those are the muscles in your booty, in case you didn’t know) are super important for proper movement patterns. They stabilize your pelvis while you walk and run, keep your body in alignment, and provide power if you want to run faster or jump higher. And hey, if you also get a cute butt out of the deal, that’s just a happy accident…

Danielle Diamond is here to help.

Diamond is a superstar yoga instructor (and graduate of The Nutrition School!), and she created Xen Strength Yoga, a method that combines yoga and meditation with muscle-building. Using both weights and warrior poses, the practice comes with major mind-body benefits. Now, she’s sharing 10-minute sequences you can do at home, here, in a series of videos that illustrate yoga’s many functions.

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Last month, she showed us how to stretch out our hamstrings. Now, she’s demo-ing yoga for strong glutes. “With Xen Strength, we target all the muscles in the body, but in this practice I’m going to give you five targeted moves that focus all the muscles in the lower body,” she says.

Don’t be fooled: you’ll also be working your core and arms quite a bit, for a super efficient 10 minutes.

Xen Strength Yoga for Strong Glutes

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