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7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for an Organized, Stress-Free Space


It’s no wonder people are clamoring to embrace “tidying up” a la Marie Kondo.

Cluttered spaces are common, and more research is pointing to the fact that living in them can affect your mental health. (Keri has actually been talking about this idea for years; she even had a chapter on it in her 2012 book, The New You (and Improved!) Diet!) One recent study found frustration with clutter was associated with life dissatisfaction, while others have found that women who described their home as cluttered were more likely to have a depressed mood throughout the day and had levels of cortisol associated with poor health.

But avoiding clutter isn’t just about throwing things out. It’s also about designing a space that makes it easy for you to put things in their place. Really great design can keep you organized and boost your healthy lifestyle in multiple ways. An organized kitchen makes it easier to cook nutritious meals, perfectly arranged plants help you breathe and boost mood, and elements of your bedroom decor can help you sleep better.

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That’s where Instagram comes in. One of the things the social media platform is best for is showcasing inspiring spaces.

No, your home doesn’t have to look as perfectly manicured as the professionally staged photos you’re looking at, but accounts that showcase great design can give you ideas that will help you design a conscious, organized space that makes you stress less and love more.

Here are 10 design Instagram accounts to start following for inspiration, now.

7 Home Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

  • @AmberInteriors

    Okay, if you love white marble and clean lines (guilty over here!), you’re going to love designer Amber Lewis’ gorgeous feed.


  • @HiltonCarter

    If you want to fully embrace the health benefits of plants, Hilton Carter, super cool plant dude and author of the new book Wild At Home, is the guy to show you how to master the aesthetic side. You know, that minimalist-jungle-chic look.


  • @TheSpacesMag

    Scroll through all kinds of incredible indoor and outdoor spaces around the world to get a sense of the aesthetic you’re drawn to the most.


  • @HumphreyMunson

    Beautiful breakfast bars! Perfectly organized pantries! This UK design firm’s account is straight-up #kitchenporn for the home cook.


  • @Homepolish

    Homepolish’s feed is filled with a variety of designs for a variety of tastes. And if you end up getting super inspired, you can even book a consultation with one of their designers.


  • @Nordic.Homedecor

    We like the designs featured on this lifestyle brand’s feed because they tend to make things look clean and minimalist, but also cozy, at the same time.


  • @DominoMag

    Domino’s designs are super shoppable if you’re looking for stuff to add to your space, and they mix in super cool outdoor shots, too.


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