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10 Genius Tiny Tweaks for Weight Loss


Generally, we’re all about thinking big when it comes to weight loss. That means considering the entire picture when it comes to what’s stopping you from feeling great in your own skin.

In other words, it’s not just about eating the right foods but also about managing work stress so that your cortisol levels aren’t spiking off the charts, getting enough sleep so your body’s ready to really work at the gym, and even cultivating healthy relationships with others, which often translates into a better one with your own body.

Still, when you’re trying to drop a pesky 10 pounds, for example, and your progress has stalled, it can be frustrating. This is where tiny tweaks for weight loss can really work.

Think of these as small edits that fit into that bigger picture. They’re all healthy (not gimmicky) and are super easy to incorporate into your lifestyle right away. They’ll help you feel like you’re doing whatever it takes to look and feel like the goddess you know you are.

Here are 10 tiny tweaks for weight loss that are totally worth trying.

10 Tiny Tweaks for Weight Loss

1. Start each meal with a full glass of water

It may feel like a played out suggestion, but drinking water before you eat fills you up and slows you down. It also helps you figure out if your hunger is truly hunger or actually thirst, which prevents overeating.

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2. Get a TV-watching hobby

Too many people pack on weight because they eat mindlessly while Netflix binging. Keep your hands busy by knitting or doing a puzzle instead of delivering chips to your lips over and over. Better yet, use TV time as a chance to stretch out or foam roll.

3. Incorporate steaming hot food into your meals

A secret of Eastern cultures is that they have hot tea and soup at every meal and sometimes in between. This forces you to eat more mindfully (AKA not shovel food in) since you’ll have to blow, sip slowly, and pause often.

4. Eat the veggies first

With a full meal in front of you, you may want your first bite to be the pasta. Instead, eat the vegetables first, so if you fill up before the plate is clean, you’ll have taken in more of the nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods.

5. Make it a spritzer

Alcohol can really mess with weight loss, but everyone deserves a glass of rosé (or two). Sneaky trick: make it a spritzer and you’ll get half as much wine in your glass, even though it may take the same amount of time to finish.

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6. Shine your choppers

Ever notice how food is less appealing after you’ve brushed your teeth? Carry a toothbrush with you for after meals and you’ll be less tempted to reach for those office sweets right after. Plus, dental hygiene is great for your overall health.

7. Rethink your sandwich

Bread is not necessarily the devil, but it does bump up calories fast without offering a lot of nutrition. Replace your usual sandwich holder with a big leaf of Romaine or cabbage to turn it into a delish lettuce wrap. Or, go the toast route and use one slice instead of two.

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8. Buy nuts in the shell

Nuts are sooo good for you but they’re calorie-dense, so you don’t want to overdo it. Eat them out of the shells and you’ll have to work to get to ’em. Pass the pistachios, please.

9. Breathe before meals

Stress and rushing can override your hunger and satiety cues. Slow yourself down by trying this simple technique: Take eight 8-count breaths before you pick up your fork.

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10. Embrace afternoon tea

It’s normal to hit a wall around 3 p.m. when your coffee wears off and lunch was a couple hours ago. Don’t go for another latte and add a cookie. If you can’t take a nap, channel your inner Brit and have a cup of tea. Why? It’s full of antioxidants, you can regulate the caffeine, and it will muscle you over the hump in your day.

(Image: Henrique Félix via Unsplash)



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