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8 Celeb Diet Secrets That Are Actually Healthy



Although celebs can be credited for spreading many unusual or dangerous trends (um, the Master Cleanse?) there are a slew of Hollywood starlets who abide by really healthy habits.

From dedicated meditation practices to early morning fitness classes, there’s a surprising amount we can learn from movie, TV, and pop stars.

The same is true when it comes to healthy eating. While you may think that they rely on low-cal faux foods or insanely restrictive meal plans to stay in shape (many do!), some celebs actually live a pretty holistic and well-balanced lifestyle.

Check out eight healthy celebrity diet tips worth adapting into your lifestyle, below.

8 Healthy Celebrity Diet Secrets

1. Gabrielle Union: Hydrate like crazy.

The actress credits her glowing, youthful skin to a strict hydration habit. Union, who drinks a gallon of water a day, says all that H20 has had a tremendous effect on her hair, nails, and skin. She aims to guzzle down half a gallon before noon and the other half by 6:00 p.m. Union has been doing this since her thirties and calls it a total life-changer.  We couldn’t agree more.

2. Goldie Hawn: Eat meals mindfully.

Goldie Hawn is going strong and looking great at 70 thanks to lots of healthy habits. An important one on her list is eating mindfully, which her personal health coach credits with helping the actress differentiate between emotional and actual hunger.

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celebrity diet secrets(Photo: Instagram/@caliabycarrie)

3. Carrie Underwood: Keep a food journal.

The country singer says food journaling is one way she maintains a super fit physique. “I’ve kept a food journal forever, since I’m a bottomless pit, and I can out-eat everyone I know,” the vegan told Cosmopolitan. “Once I recognized that about myself, I started tracking my diet, which helps me make better choices and pay attention to what I’m eating.” Underwood uses the MyFitnessPal app, but research shows writing down your meals the old-fashioned way works just as well.

4. Jennifer Aniston: Don’t deny yourself comfort foods.

Although she stays slim mostly via no-frills clean eating  (“Some form of vegetables or salad with protein—pretty basic,” she told ELLE), Aniston doesn’t deny herself conscious indulgences like pasta. For example, her husband Justin Theroux makes an “irresistible” pasta carbonara. (Cue swooning.)

5. Aly Raisman: Eat complex carbs early in the day.

The Olympic gymnast knows a thing or two about fueling up. (After all, her day job is kinda active…) When it’s practice season, Raisman makes sure to get her carbs in early. Her go-tos are yogurt with granola or whole wheat toast and a banana, both of which help her stay full and fueled up for hours on the balance beam.

celebrity diet secrets(Photo: Instagram/@busyphillips)

6. Busy Phillips: Drink supercharged coffee.

Phillips starts her day with a brain-boosting cup of Bulletproof coffee. She starts with freshly-brewed coffee, two tablespoons of grass-fed butter or ghee, a tablespoon of of Brain Octane Oil, and two scoops of collagen protein powder. Phillips credits the drink for firing up her metabolism and keeping her skin smooth.

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7. Jessica Alba: Include important nutrients in every meal.

Health coach Kelly LeVeque had Alba revamp her diet to include what she calls “the Fab Four” plan. The actress and Honest Company founder makes sure to include protein, fat, fiber and greens in all her meals. With a smart, simple strategy like that, it’s no wonder she says she’s able to stay energized and full all day long.

8. Selena Gomez: Don’t obsess over the scale.

To avoid an otherwise tempting obsession with hopping on a scale constantly, which often “breeds obsessive thoughts and behaviors,” Gomez says, she sticks to the jean test. If she notices her favorite pair don’t fit like they usually do, it may be time to ramp up the workouts or cut down on the salt.

(Featured Photo: Henrique Félix via Unsplash)

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