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The Absolute Easiest, Two-Ingredient Way to Make Nut Milk


Making your own nut milk sounds intimidating, but Keri’s here to show you it’s actually a crazy easy process that takes five minutes or less. And there’s more than one really good reason to DIY it.

First and foremost, store-bought nut milks often contain extra ingredients you don’t want or need, like added sugar and preservatives. Make it at home and you need just two simple ingredients: nuts and water.

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Second, it’ll save you money, for sure.

Finally, it tastes better. We prefer cashew milk for its sweet, creamy flavor, and that flavor is more pronounced when it’s fresh. Cashew milk also provides protein, healthy fat, and antioxidants and requires one less step than almond (no straining required).

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Ready to go nuts? Follow Keri’s lead to make creamy, delicious nut milk that will be ready for your coffee in a flash.

How to Make Delicious, Two-Ingredient Nut Milk

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