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Travel Workouts: The Easiest Ways to Maintain Your Routine


Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip to visit family during the holidays, just snagged a new job that involves tons of business travel, or are planning your next vacation, fitting in travel workouts can be tough.

But figuring out how to stay active while jet-setting is not as hard as it seems. (It’s way easier than doing burpees for a minute straight, for example.)

Here are a few easy ways to sweat as often as possible while you’re on the go (just don’t forget to throw a few healthy snacks in your bag, either).

3 Travel Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

1. Pack your running sneakers. Traveling involves a lot of stress, so don’t add to it by overcomplicating your workouts. Running is the simplest of exercises—all you need are your favorite kicks and any open road. Even if you’re more of a SoulCycle person, make an exception and hit the pavement. There are also a few great portable tools for resistance training on the road, like lightweight resistance bands you can toss in any bag or the TRX, which you can attach to a hotel room door or tree in a park to get in a full strength-training sequence.

2. Find a fast, free online workout. You’re going to be pressed for time, but good news: most recent research points to fast, intense workouts delivering the same benefits as longer sessions. YouTube is stocked with free workout videos that range in length from five to thirty minutes and don’t require any equipment at all. Or try this five-minute workout that happens to be one of our favorites.

3. Sign up for a digital membership (or try a new studio).  If you’re a boutique fitness junkie, many of the top brands now offer digital version of their workouts, so you can keep up your routine even when far from a studio. A few great options include Natalie Jill’s inspiring body-weight strength-training programs, Barre3 and Physique 57 for barre, AKT on Demand for dance and HIIT training, and My YogaWorks for yoga. Bonus idea: do a quick search for gyms and fitness studios in the city you’re headed to before you leave and book a few new classes to try before you even leave. Then you’ll be locked into sweat sessions before your trip even kicks off.



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