Sure, you could study the label on every spray bottle and jug of laundry soap to make sure the ones you bring home don’t include any potentially toxic chemicals.

Or you could look up every product you’re thinking of buying in the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Guide to Healthy Cleaning, which is an amazing resource filled with an insane amount of useful data and analysis.

But…you’re busy.

So, to make things easier, we’re sharing the eleven brands that are pretty consistent when it comes to making effective healthy cleaning products. Products from these companies nearly always get high ratings from EWG, and they’re widely available, so you won’t have to tire yourself out looking for them before scouring the shower.

11 Effective Healthy Cleaning Product Brands

The Honest Co.

Jessica Alba’s company sells everything from detergent to dishwasher pods and it also packages cleaning essentials into convenient bundles. Plus, you can order diapers and other healthy baby products while you’re at it. (We also loveeee this bubble bath when we’re feeling stressed.)

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a great option for sprays like disinfecting multi-surface and bathroom cleaners, not to mention laundry detergent. We especially love the dish soap, which is both powerful and gentle on hands. And did you know that the founder’s daughter is now applying the same healthy ingredient mission to sexual health products?

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Dr. Bronner’s

Yes, the ramblings on the bottle are a little off the rails, but Dr. Bronner’s is a phenomenal company that uses only the healthiest ingredients and invests heavily in environmental initiatives. And the castile soap is a do-it-all product: you can use it to wash dishes, the floor, your dog, and your own body. Really! (Buy it here.)


If you’re looking for seriously affordable products, look no further. Brandless makes inexpensive cleaning essentials that have a really cool eco approach: Many of them come in a bottle the first time, and then you order refill packs that mix with water, after. It also sells a super convenient cleaning supplies bundle so you can stock your broom closet with a single click.

Aunt Fannie’s

Aunt Fannie’s products are as clean as cleaning gets. Most are vinegar-based, like vinegar wash floor cleaners and cleaning vinegars for kitchen and bath surfaces. Major bonus: They make natural pest sprays for bugs like roaches and ants, so you can lay off the super-toxic Raid.


You may recognize its widely available dish soaps, but Ecos also makes earth-friendly (and human health-friendly) versions of harder-to-find products like fabric and carpet odor eliminator, pet stain remover, and tree-free paper towels.


Walgreens got into the healthier product game with its store-brand Ology, and it did a surprisingly good job. The brand makes all-purpose cleaners, castile soap, and baby products if you need ‘em.


Ecover is all about the earth and transparency. It uses its own special “plantplastic” that eliminates the use of petroleum-based plastic in its packaging and every ingredient in its products is explained in detail on the website. One unique product: A biodegradable cream cleaner that removes stains.

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Babyganics’ intent is to make homes healthy for babies, but using its products to clean is good for adults, too. It makes detergents, soaps, and cleaners (along with other really great non-cleaning products like diapers and healthy sunscreen).

Common Good

Common Good’s soaps and cleaners are both pretty and effective. To reduce single-use plastic, the company sets up refill stations in all kinds of markets and grocery stores.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Stocking Mrs. Meyer’s products is about as classic as you can go, and you can find that lemon verbena dish soap in more stores than almost any other healthy cleaning brand.


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