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A 2-Minute Calming Meditation to Manage Any Stressful Situation


Sometimes it can feel like stressful scenarios are waiting on every corner (and in every email), and mastering a calming meditation (or two) is a great way to prepare to meet them.

“Meditation allows us to respond to certain situations appropriately and consciously, using our judgment with more calm and clarity rather than reacting harshly,” says Lynne Goldberg, the founder of OMG. I Can Meditate!, a lifestyle app filled with guided meditations that address all kinds of specific life challenges.

“Additionally, meditation helps us take a step back and see the bigger picture, so we can better understand others’ perspectives and opinions.”

I feel calmer already.

That sense of perspective is key, because it will allow you to deal with whatever hurdle you’re confronting so you can get back to what’s important, like enjoying time with the people you love and crushing your career goals. (There’s a reason wellness pros like Mandy Ingber and McKel Hill all seem to meditate regularly.)

calming meditation

Don’t worry, Goldberg is not saying you need to develop the silent focus of a monk. Spending just a couple of minutes being mindful of your breath, she promises, can work wonders.

Start with the two-minute meditation for calm Goldberg provided, below, and download OMG. I Can Meditate! for meditations that can help you with all of life’s tricky moments. You can also learn from Goldberg and other top experts like her via The Nutrition School.

A 2-Minute Calming Meditation

—Take 2 deep cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

—Now allow your breath to return to normal, in and out through the nose. Follow your breath with your full attention. Notice the sensation as the air touches your nostrils.

—Follow the breath for its full journey all the way from your nasal passage into your lungs and down to your belly, feeling your belly rise. And reversing that breath, feeling your belly fall as the breath leaves your body.

—Notice everything you can about each breath—the temperature of the air, how it feels at the tip of your nose and the back of your throat.

—Take 8 to 10 of these fully conscious breaths and notice the change in how you feel when you’re done.


Top Photo: Dingzeyu Li via  Unsplash

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