5 Podcasts That Get Real About Mental Health

By Emma Stessman

The public dialogue around mental health is finally changing for the better, thanks to the growing number of celebrities sharing their personal struggles and portrayals on popular TV shows.

Podcasts are also taking on the once taboo topic. While they can be a great way to learn about the latest wellness trends and get in a history lesson or two (à la Stuff You Should Know), there are a handful that entertain while also tackling important conversations on mental illness.

So, we rounded up a few of our favorites, below, which share strategies for coping with anxiety and personal stories from successful people who deal with the challenges of mental health issues on the day-to-day.

Mental illness can feel super isolating, but listening to other people share their own stories just might make it less so. And by talking about some of the more nitty gritty (and often ignored) details of mental health issues, it helps to normalize the conversation so you can learn how to deal with similar issues, whether you’re facing them yourself or someone you love needs help.

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5 Mental Health Podcasts

Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes

Jen Gotch, the uber-cool businesswoman and founder of Ban.do (the company behind Instagram’s favorite planners) gets real about her struggles with bipolar disorder, anxiety, self-doubt and more in this new podcast. She delves into the highs and lows of her lifelong battle with mental health issues and the strategies she uses to make herself feel, well, OK. Standout episodes include: “How to Feel Better RIGHT NOW” and “Lost in Pasta: Adventures in Emotional Eating

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Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

“It’s totally normal to feel weird,” says host Bryony Gordon. And by taking one look at the list of the podcast’s previous guests, you’ll see—it really is. Because, yes, even your mega-crush Prince Harry struggles with his mental health. Gordon, a journalist who has OCD and depression herself, interviews a variety of notable guests on the show. The very first episode features the aforementioned prince, discussing the death of his mother and how repressing emotions surrounding the event took a serious toll on his mental health. He also details some of the strategies that helped him heal in recent years. (Hint: he’s taken up one of our favorite stress-busting activities).

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Not Another Anxiety Show

Almost everyone feels anxious from time to time, it’s part of being human. And it’s the main premise of this show. Host Kelli Walker, a registered nurse and wellness coach, sits down with various experts to explore exactly why we get anxious––and what to do when those moments occur. Topics range from the best ways to support a friend with anxiety to navigating the stress-inducing world of being “ghosted.”

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The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression definitely isn’t a laughing matter. But with the help of some good-humored guests who have dealt (and are still dealing with) the illness, host John Moe creates open, honest, and frankly, pretty funny conversations about depression. In an incredibly moving and hilarious episode, comedian Maria Bamford discusses her long journey to improved mental health—including dealing with repetitive cycles of depressive and obsessive-compulsive thoughts and the time she spent in a psychiatric hospital. In another, Bizarre Foods host and culinary expert Andrew Zimmern opens up about depression, substance abuse, and the death of his good friend Anthony Bourdain.

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Happier With Gretchen Rubin

We all want to be a little happier, right? Gretchen Rubin, who is best known for her book, The Happiness Project hosts this podcast with the help of her sister, Elizabeth Craft. Together, they provide some simple and totally manageable strategies to improve your mental health and become, you guessed it, happier.

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