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10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for More Happiness


Listen, using Canva to stick a quote on top of a beautiful sunset does not automatically make it inspirational. But while there’s a lot of nonsense disguised as enlightenment now available on social media, there are also plenty of genuinely inspiring Instagram accounts worth following.

These accounts are places where smart spiritual teachers, academics, and motivators share helpful insights into how to live happier.

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And honestly, so much of what we encounter in our day-to-day lives is stressful (and especially on Instagram, anxiety-inducing). So why not add a dose of positive thinking into the mix every once in a while?

Ready to add some positive pick-me-ups into your feed? These are the inspiring Instagram accounts that motivate us to double tap most often.

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10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts

  • @JayShetty

    Self-help for the Instagram age…and you’re really going to want to look into his eyes.


  • @GabbyBernstein

    Gabby’s #SpiritJunkie message has convinced thousands of women they can manifest miracles in their own lives. It may do the same for you.


  • @PeacefulMindPeacefulLife

    The mother-daughter duo behind this account make meditation and mindfulness totally accessible.


  • @CleoWade

    Cleo somehow makes it cool to be an “Instagram poet.”


  • @Happsters

    Happsters pairs practical happiness advice with occasional cute puppies. What could be better?


  • @BreneBrown

    It’s not often a research professor achieves this level of fame and devotion, but Brene Brown’s message about vulnerability and courage is a powerful one.


  • @LadiesGetPaid

    This is our go-to for a daily dose of women’s empowerment.


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