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Your Guide to a Nutritionist-Approved Taco Night


If you think tacos and greasy Taco Bell fare comes to mind, it’s time to shake up that perception. Healthy taco night isn’t just possible, it’s easy.

In fact, Taco Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday…) is one of our founder celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman’s favorite meals to make for family and friends.

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As she explains in the video below, she loves making tacos because you can whip up a spread that satisfies a variety of different palates and eating styles, “from Paleo to vegan to picky children.” That’s because swapping ingredients—like greens for tortillas or beans for meat—is simple.

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It’s also a meal that’s fast, delicious (did someone say guac?), and super fun.

Watch her two-minute tutorial on how to do it the healthiest, tastiest way possible and you’ll be a certified Taco Tuesday pro from here on out. (Just don’t forget to invite us over first, k?)

Keri’s Guide to Healthy Taco Night


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