5 Rules to Eating Fresh Fruits

I am not unique in my absolute love of fresh fruits.  I mean, a juicy peach running down your face, what’s better than that?

Unfortunately, that peachy goodness can be easily overdone, and we can’t eat peaches like they’re going out of style, as I explained yesterday.

Fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and water, and all of these nutrients add to it being the bomb. But, fruit is also packed with sugar.

Even though it isn’t the same as the gummy bears you ate last night, it does add up.

So, when and how should you eat fruit to maximize your fruit serving and stretch the juicy sweet deliciousness without getting bloated and/or gaining weight?

I recommend using fruit in your snack or meal with a little thought.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your fresh fruits servings daily:

1. Have your fruit with a little fat or protein.

Don’t eat fruit alone. Fruit digests and metabolizes really quickly. It doesn’t keep you satisfied for very long – when eaten by itself, most people will be hungry again in less than an hour.  Have your berries with some cottage cheese, melon with a sprinkle of flax meal, apple with peanut butter or peaches with yogurt. This practice of pairing fruit with protein or fat will also help to stabilize your blood sugar.

2. Put your fruit under fire.

You’ll get used to “nature’s candy” and fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth even for dessert, if you opt for grilled pineapple or a broiled grapefruit after your meal, instead of the cheesecake. Fruit is delicious when heated because all of the natural sugars caramelize. Yum.

3. Measure your serving.

Your apple, orange, peach, plum and pear should be about the size of a tennis or baseball. A cup of fruit salad should be packed down, so there is no space for air.  A cup of berries is a half of a pint, but also “packed.” It’s possible to overdo it on the fruit, so savor, savor, savor!  And, once you have measured one time, you’ll never need to do it again.

4. Use fruit as a condiment.

Consider a little mango salsa on your chicken, watermelon in your salad or thin slice of melon on top of your cheese.  A small hint of fresh fruit can add a ridiculous amount of flavor to an otherwise standard meal.

5. Go local and seasonal.

Ok so this one might not necessarily help you avoid gaining weight, You know your fruit is at its peak when it’s in the circular at the supermarket, cheaper than usual and more abundant than it has been the rest of the year.  And, have you taken a whiff at the farmer’s markets when it’s peach season? Holy yum! It smells delish. Fruit is generally most perfect to eat when there is a slight give when pressed on and the smell is sweet.  Give that a go.

Grab a napkin, a juicy ripe piece of fruit and enjoy every last bite. You can wash your hands and face later.

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