How the “Almost 30 Podcast” Hosts Are Thriving in Their Thirties

By Emma Stessman

Exiting your twenties is supposed to lead to feeling “thirty, flirty and thriving” à la Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. For some women, however, starting that fourth decade of life feels like an uncertain leap.

That sometimes-scary (but also exciting!) transitional period inspired Lindsey Simcik, a senior SoulCycle instructor, and Krista Williams, the creator of The Hundred Blog, to create the Almost 30 Podcast.

The now incredibly popular podcast has become a resource for navigating life’s changes. Simcik and Williams engage in smart, entertaining conversations with all kinds of experts on topics like side hustles and 401Ks, how astrology affects relationships, gut health, and the “sacredness” of being single.

“There is so much information out there,” Williams says. “We want to present it in a really fun, light way that is easy to understand and apply to your life…we are learning right along with you!” In other words, if you download a few episodes for your next commute, you will likely be that person laughing to yourself on the subway (own it!).

In the meantime, we tapped the dynamic duo to find out how they’re applying all of the advice they solicit to their own lives and are totally thriving as a result.

How Do Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik Live a Nutritious Life?

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Krista: “Fab Four” smoothie! I am such a fan of using Daily Harvest and then adding a fat in there to make sure it’s balanced. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day!

Lindsey: I have been intermittent fasting, so I normally don’t eat until about 11:00 a.m. most days. I do wake up and make a tonic (with Four Sigmatic lion’s mane, cinnamon, MCT oil, and cashew milk), followed by a 20-ounce celery juice. After my workout, I will normally have an avocado with seasoning on flaxseed crackers.

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What’s the one food you always have in your fridge?

Krista: Flax milk, or any type of milk substitute, for my teas, matcha lattes, shakes, and smoothies. It’s so necessary!

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Lindsey: I always have Bitchin’ Sauce! I put it on everything.

The one food you’d never buy?

Krista: Pork rinds, LOL.

Lindsey: Popsicles… gimme ice cream!

Almost 30 Podcast

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice?

Krista: I usually work out five to six days a week. I don’t go hard most days, I usually do yoga two times a week and then a HIIT workout two times a week, with a Pilates mixed in there. I don’t have a set routine and try to go with what I feel like my body needs most.

Lindsey: I definitely move every day. I commit to high-intensity cardio or strength training at least 4 days per week, like boxing, SoulCycle, and Barry’s Bootcamp. I love to slow down with yoga, walking, and stretching.

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What’s your go-to tool for managing stress?

Krista: Meditation has totally changed my life in that way.

Lindsey: Sleep, hydrating, meditation, singing, vitamin D, and time alone!

How do you express and spread love?

Krista: Through Almost 30 Podcast—truly!

Lindsey: I want to laugh as much as possible, ya know? It feels so good. Finding the funny, the joy in as much as possible. I love a good hug, I’ll hug strangers. I like to get to know people, so I will take the time to have conversations with complete strangers. I think human connection is love and has the potential to spread like wildfire.

What does it mean to you to “live consciously”?

Krista: To think outside just myself in every situation. To be aware of the impact that I have on others.

Lindsey: To me, living consciously is giving everything; every living thing, every conversation, every opportunity the opportunity to expand your heart, to deepen your ability to love and have compassion.

What’s your weirdest healthy habit?

Krista: It never stops. Honestly, I will try anything and everything. I have a microcurrent device that I use to tighten and tone my face. You have to use this anti-shock cream on your face before, and my boyfriend sees me “shocking” my face and thinks I am absolutely crazy.

Lindsey: I love plants, I have about 25 in my apartment… clean air, great friends.

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Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Krista: Meditation! Lindsey: What if I said I can meditate while in a massage!?

A hot shower or a soothing bath? Krista: BATH! Lindsey: Hot shower with 20 seconds of cold, five times!

Almond butter or peanut butter? Krista: Peanut butter! I am allergic to almonds. Lindsey: Almond butter!

Coffee or tea? Krista: TEA! No caffeine for me. Lindsey: Coffee in the morning, caffeine-free tea at night!

A long run outside or a dark spin class? Krista: Outside… but can it be a walk? Lindsey: Spin 🙂 I’m partial.

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