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3 Yoga Poses for Kids That Also Encourage Healthy Eating


One of the (many) reasons we love celebrity dietitian Joy Bauer’s approach to nutrition is that she has a knack for making healthy eating really, really fun (AKA joyful!).

And while her newest book is very different from the many best-sellers that came before in one major way—it’s for kids—it follows that formula to a tee.

“I know from working with thousands of children throughout my career and raising three of my own that the key to getting kids to try wholesome new foods and energizing exercises is by making it fun. That’s why I wrote this book,” she says. “My hope is that it can help parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers get their little ones on a path to good health.”

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Yummy yoga

To do that, Yummy Yoga illustrates simple yoga poses kids can do on their own using adorable little ones, and also fruits and vegetables. (The photos are so cute!) And for each pose, it provides a healthy recipe kids will love. Think broccoli stalks and an avocado doing tree pose, paired with a recipe for Broccomole Dip, a super nutrient-dense version of guacamole.

Get a sneak peek at Yummy Yoga’s happy, playful approach to getting kids to eat well and exercise, below.

3 Veggie-Inspired Yoga Poses for Kids

  • Triangle

    Helps make you flexible!

  • Plank

    Perfect for strengthening your belly and back muscles!

  • Forward Bend

    Makes your back and legs more flexible.


    (Photos: Yummy Yoga)

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