Modeling has long been a profession know for an unhealthy (and often dangerous) focus on tiny waists and skinny limbs, which encourages those who are striving to succeed to skip meals.

Now, a group of ten models, led by Jill de Jong, wants to change that image, with a new book dubbed Models Do Eat.

De Jong is a well-known fitness model, and she tapped nine of her friends in the industry to provide insights and recipes that demonstrate not only that models eat, but that they eat nourishing, healthy food (and plenty of it).

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In fact, many of the models in the book took their experiences in the body-obsessed world and turned them into careers in helping others (models and otherwise) live healthier, more balanced lives—as trainers, health coaches, and nutritionists.

models do eat

How Do Models Eat?

Taylor Walker Sinning, for example, is a Nutritious Life-Certified personal trainer based in Miami. In the book, she talks about her personal struggle to stop judging her body.  “I have learned to embrace my strong quads and thighs, which allowed me years of passionate dancing, and my (sometimes bloated) belly, which has allowed me to enjoy delicious meals with people I love,” she says. “I am honestly so grateful for the skin I am in.”

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Models Do Eat

Walker Sinning goes on to talk about how she adopted healthier eating habits and began to see food as fuel for health and happiness. One of her biggest tips?

She ditched packaged foods in favor of fresh flavors and spices, which had a huge effect on her palate. “A little salt and lots of spice go a long way,” she says.

Follow her lead by cooking up one of her spice-centric meals from Models Do Eat.

Get the recipe for her Sweet Potato Cakes, here!

 (Photos: Taylor Walker Sinning)

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