10 Top Trainers Who Seriously Inspire on Instagram

Every trainer is trying to sweat his or her way to Instagram fame these days, but it takes more than a six- (or eight-, or ten-) pack to build a truly strong following.

We prefer pros with solid fitness credentials and a motivating message that holds weight outside of the gym, too (not to mention style, obviously).

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These are women who crush their goals while running, lifting, mothering, running businesses—and, of course, helping others reach theirs.

Yeah, men are great too, but we’ll show off the buff dudes next time, k? Today, it’s all about these fit females (listed in no particular order). Follow them and you may never skip a yoga or Pilates class again.

10 Top Instagram Trainers

Instagram trainers

Kathryn Budig, @kathrynbudig
You’ve probably seen Budig on the cover of Yoga Journal, but have you seen her balance a beer on her foot in tree pose or meditate with her pup? She just seems to always be having so much fun. Chances are everyone would do more yoga if all teachers were.

Instagram trainers

Natalie Jill, @nataliejillfit
Jill posts so many helpful workout videos to her feed, you may get in shape just by following her (but you should probably actually do the exercises, too, just in case). Add on the many transformations she shows her community members have gone through, and motivation abounds.

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Instagram trainers

Natalie Uhling, @natalieuhling
Based in Denver, Uhling’s active shots include snaps of her workout method, NUFit, her modeling for Under Armour, and her life as a ski bunny on the slopes.

Instagram trainers

Idalis Velazquez, @ivfitness
Velazquez, creator of Women’s Health’s “All in 18” program, posts only the occasional motivational quote. Better than words? Her consistent smart, accessible videos of workout routines you can do right away. Stop scrolling, start squatting.

Instagram trainers

Anna Kaiser, @theannakaiser
Celeb trainer Anna Kaiser is the creator of AKT (a favorite workout of Shakira and Drew Barrymore, to name drop a couple). She shares lots of behind-the-scenes action and workout videos. Recent bonus: She just had an adorable baby so you can coo over him, too.

Instagram trainers

Holly Rilinger, @hollyrilinger
Rilinger is a Nike Master Trainer and top cycling instructor, in addition to the founder of meditation-HIIT workout LIFTED. She’s always ahead of the fitness curve and is a master of empowered living.

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Instagram trainers

Robin Arzon, @robinnyc
You’d never guess Arzon, a Peloton instructor with amazing artsy style, was once a lawyer. Now, her Instagram is filled with her athletic feats (marathons! triathlons!), and serious inspiration for runners and cyclists.

Instagram trainers

Bethany Meyers, @bethanycmeyers
An instructor at SLT in New York City, Meyers has awesome, edgy style, a feminist message, and posts frequent videos of gorgeous, graceful routines on the Megaformer (as opposed to when we’re on it and are just trying not to fall off).

Instagram trainers

Nichelle Hines, @spingalnichelle
What’s it like training the Hollywood elite? Hines, the top instructor at Cycle House, lets you in on the life of a top LA spin guru, with guest appearances by celebs like Jamie Chung and Jessica Alba.

Instagram trainers

Holly Perkins, @hollyperkins
Perkins, the founder of Women’s Strength Nation, posts super smart explanations along with her workout photos and videos, so you learn about how your muscles actually work (for long-term fitness). She even goes live for an hour every week, so you can follow up with up-close-and-personal questions.


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