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10 Healthy Lunches You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less


Okay, our 10-minute breakfast recipes were such a hit, we simply had to follow up with 10-minute healthy lunches.

After all, while mornings are often manic because you’re rushing to get out the door, lunch can be just as much of a time crunch. Whether you’re prepping it for the next day before bed, packing it up in the a.m., or whipping something up while working from home (and simultaneously juggling a conference call), every minute saved is precious.

Tap these recipes, below, to make the most of those minutes without sacrificing your health or flavor. And every so often, don’t forget to indulge in a leisurely power lunch. You deserve it.

10-minute Healthy Lunches

  • Broccoli Rabe Quesadilla

    A quick, cheesy (oh hey, protein) quesadilla with all of the flavors you love plus a special treat: greens! The recipe calls for nutrient-dense broccoli rabe, but kale or spinach would totally work, too.


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  • Easy Lettuce Cups

    This is a good one to set up for the whole week ahead. Buy a rotisserie chicken and either buy or make the salad in advance. Then, making lunch is really just about assembly. By the way, you can throw whatever veggies you have or want in these. Make them your own.

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  • Coconut Bacon Sandwich

    Meet the vegan BLT of your dreams. (Cue swooning.) Technically it takes slightly longer than 10 minutes to make the mushroom “bacon,” but you could easily make it during Sunday prep and have it ready to layer on (and sprinkle on your salads, and eat alongside your eggs…).


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  • Quick Cobb Salad

    A fast, healthier version of the most classic salad out there. It’s been around a long time because it’s simply a crowd-pleaser. It’s also hearty enough to keep you full until dinner.

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  • Deviled Egg Salad Cups

    Alright, you’ve got your hard-boiled eggs all ready from Sunday meal prep, right? Instead of mayo, this egg salad is made with probiotic- and protein-packed Greek yogurt. Garlic provides antioxidants, celery adds fiber, and paprika adds a nutritious flavor kick.

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  • Upgraded Tuna Salad

    You haven’t been giving canned tuna fair shake if you’ve just been mixing it with mayo. Our version has tons of flavor thanks to capers, feta, and balsamic.

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  • Easy Chicken Salad

    You really can’t go wrong when tossing grilled chicken and veggies together in a bowl, trust us. And if raspberry vinegar isn’t your style (or just isn’t in your pantry), make Keri’s simple lemon dressing, instead.

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  • Avocado Boat Egg Bake

    Sure, you could make these for breakfast, but eggs floating along in avocado boats are a perfect protein-fat combo for lunchtime, too.


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  • Tex-Mex Black Bean Soup

    We love this style because it’s basically an upgrade on packaged food. Buy yourself a high-quality, organic can of black bean soup and then add veggies. Enjoy!

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  • Greens and Eggs on Toast

    You know the whole “Put an egg on it!” saying? We agree. Because, protein. Here, you put it on nutritious toast (which is better than sandwich style since you’re just having one slice) that’s also topped with greens (broccoli rabe, kale, spinach, etc.) and red onion.

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