Sleep Deep

The 2017 Nutritious Life Gift Guide: Sleep Deep


Oh hey, in case you didn’t notice the pine aroma, twinkling lights, and explosion of wrapping paper in every store, it’s that (joyful!) time of year. And we’re here to help you find the unique, genuinely useful things that will light up the faces of the ones you love, no matter which holidays you celebrate. Next up: gifts for better sleep.

Think for a moment: Who in your life is definitely burning the candle at both ends rather than tucking in for restful slumber on a regular basis? Nearly everyone we know is sleep-deprived these days, and even if they’re not, helping the ones you love settle into a cozier, more blissful nighttime routine is still a great way to gift.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring handpicked gifts that fit into each of our eight pillars. Missed one? See past guides, here, and stay tuned for many more options, coming up:

Healthy Food Gifts
Stress Relief Gifts
Beauty and Wellness Gifts
Healthy Beverage Gifts

Happy holiday shopping!

The Best Gifts for Better Sleep

Boll & Branch Banded Sheet Set, $250
Made with 100 percent organic materials and crafted to be super breathable for better sleep.


Sound + Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine, $80
This top-of-the-line pick comes with 30 different sound “environments” and automatically adjusts volume in response to your bedroom environment.


Eden’s Garden Ceramic Bloom Diffuser, $26, and Good Night Oil, $7
Aromatherapy is great for drifting off to sleep, and this is by far the prettiest diffuser we ever did see.


White+Warren Cashmere Eye Mask, $85
For a super soft sense of hygge that continues straight through to the morning.


Lite+Cycle Lavender Candle, $62
Candles may be over-gifted, but this one is in a category by itself. It’s super gorgeous and is made with soy wax and pure relaxing essential oils that promote restful sleep.


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